USHTA TE- A Zoroastrian Studies Publication

USHTA is a publication bought out by ZOROASTRIAN STUDIES, an organisation dedicated to the cause of education, social welfare of the parsi/irani zoroastrian community. Based out of Mumbai, they have published numerous journals, publications, lecture series, documents for the dissipation of the knowledge about the Zoroastrian Heritage and culture. They can be contacted at: Zoroastrian Studies, K.R. Cama Oriental Institute Building, Ground floor, 136, Bombay Samachar Marg, Mumbai 400 023.

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  • Can I please have your current phone numbers

  • Hello there. My name is Ava mehta and some of you may remember my first book produced by Zoroastrian studies. I have finally produced my second book for young children after a lot of requests from the community worldwide and like the first book wish to request the blessings of our vada dasturji F. Kotwal as he really enjoyed my first book and wrote it’s foreward. I do not know how to reach him so please could Shermaz, Phiroza or anyone else please help me on how I may please contact him as I have a forewArd for this new book by j. Hinnells. Very many thanks and all happiness to ZS as always. My telephone number in London is 02085426608. Many grateful thanks.

  • Sanjay Chaurasiya

    Hi, everyone….
    I am Sanjay Chaurasiya (an Architect and Professor by profession), Qualification-B. Arch & M. Arch. (Construction Management)
    As a part of expanding knowledge about our Indian religious and Culture, I joined this year 2016 the M.A. (Avasta Palhavi – its study @ZS community) under Mumbai University.(MU), under their Open University studies IDOL.

    But I, get to know that the MU stopped publishing study material. So what will be syllabus no Idea & the Question paper format whether in English or Iranian/ Parsian language..?

    I had taken this subject and topic as a interest, with due respect to every religion, can anyone guide me How to start or from where I can get help ?

    Sanjay Chaurasiya
    Navi Mumbai/ Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

  • kourosh rateshtari


  • I would like to purchase Zoroastrian merchandise like Frawahar stickers, key chains, etc. How can I source them?

  • This is Kayomarsh Mehta, Chicago. Interested in receiving either a recording or a copy of the Spirituality in Znism presentation by Khojesteh.

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