Minutes – CTR 2009 – Dubai

Fifth Coming Together Roundtable (CTR)


Dubai, December 2009


The Vth “Coming Together Roundtable” (CTR) was held with the 9th World Zoroastrian Congress, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dubai, on December 27, 2009 (Session I), December 30th (Session II) and December 31st (Session III).  The invitation [Att. 1] and Agenda [Att. 2] are enclosed.

Attendance. Over the three sessions, leadership from all regions of the world participated: MP in the Iranian Majlis Dr. Esfandiar Ekhtiyari, Tehran Anjuman President Dr. Rostam Khosravian; BPP chair Dinshaw Mehta, BPP trustee Khojeste Mistree;  FEZANA President Bomi Patel and past presidents Firdosh Mehta, Dr. Dolly Dastoor and Rohinton Rivetna, and Behram Pastakia; past ZTFE presidents Dorab Mistry and Paurush Jila. Participants from the smaller pockets included Russi Ghadiali (Singapore),  Phil Madon (Australia), Toxy Cowasjee (Pakistan), the host Meher Bhesania from Dubai and a large number of Association heads. Several international organizations also participated: Mobed Councils (Chair of the Iranian Mobeds Council Mobed Dr. Ardeshir Khorshidian, NAMC chair Er. Kobad Zarolia and past chair Er. Dr. Jehan Bagli), WZO (Chair Darayus Motivala and past Chair Sammy Bhiwandiwalla),  WAPIZ (Khojeste Mistree), WZCC (President Kersi Limathwala and numerous chapter chairs),  ZWIN (Dr. Zareen Araoz); and concerned individuals from around the world.

Click Here for the Full Minutes of all 3 Sessions.

For Photos and Videos of the Sessions – Click Here

Att1 – CTR Dubai Announcement

Att2 – CTR Dubai Agenda

Att3 – RMR CTR Dubai Rohinton Rivetna

Att4 – Yazdi Tantra – Web Presence

Att5 – IVth CTR Houston Notes

Att6 – CTR MOU Preliminary

Att7 – Jehangir Sarosh –  INZO (2)

Att8 – Eric Engineer – Tech Platform for Communication

Att9 – Meher Bhesania -_Results of Regional Survey

Att10 – Jim Engineer –  NextGenNow

Att11 – Iranian Youth

Att12 – Behram Pastakia – Breast Cancer Initiatives

Att13 – Diaspora – Rights Duties and Privileges

Att14 – Ethic of Collective Giving

Att15 – Homi Dhalla – WZCF Activities

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