Bai Jerbai Nusherwanji Wadia

Women!!!! Behind every great woman, there’s a greater WOMAN!

This is part of the history of how Parsee Baugs came about where so many Parsees live today!

Bai  Jerbai  Nusherwanji  Wadia (1852-1926)

 An ordinary lady with an extra-ordinary vision.

This is a simple story of an ordinary Zarathushti lady, who possessed an extraordinary vision…  Born in 1852, she was reared in the, then, traditional fashion, into a Zarathushti way of life.  She was well tutored in the art of knitting, stitching and sewing and adept at creating fine garments and the decorative borders on strips of canvas for the Sarees of Zarathushti ladies.  She could prepare the finest strand of wool on the spindle (for the weaving of the Kusti) with great expertise, too.  Taught at school in the medium of Gujarati, as per the norms of the times, she had the distinction of being offered the services of an English governess, arranged for by her maternal uncle, Rustomji Jamshetji Jeejeebhai. It was acknowledged this arrangement would help cultivate her mind in English literature and her stature in society with English mannerisms.  This would, thus, offer her an opportunity to lead a fairly sophisticated social life, well suited to her status and to her share of earning through the
entrepreneurial ventures of the family.

Yet, Jerbai had different thoughts…… click here to read on….. Bai Jerbai Nusherwanji Wadia 

Courtesy : K.J.Talati

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