• Dear Meher Amalsad,

    I have already written to you that on which animal or pet our saal falls and color also if you can provide. Sorry to bother you. Regards Cyrus K Irani

  • The above mentioned website does not state the Naorooz Timings for Karachi, Pakistan. Can you please provide. Thanks.

  • Dear Meher Amalsad,

    Many thanx for your mail but mam I already know the timings of Mumbai i.e.11.32 pm on 20th March 2010 but I would like to know this year on which animal or pet the saal is on. I suppose it is on “Tiger” as our new year and Chinese new year somewhat falls on the same animal that is why I wanted to confirm with you if you know or its fine.

    Thanx for your mail


    Cyrus K Irani

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