Largest & oldest Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Kurdistan

Many thousand years ago, beside the lake Uram (which now by mistake is referred to as Aroumeih. This lake belonged to people who were Medes who were called Uramha. Today the remainder from those tribes, there is a group within Kurdistan known as Uraman whose main profession is grazing sheep and cattle and this group of Kurdish people had lived around the Uramin Lake they adopted many of their traditions and worshiped many of their gods. These people worshiped such things as the moon, the sun the stars, the wind, the snow and the rain. among the Uramani people, around one of the shores of this great lake, As written in Zoroasterian narratives, this man’s family name was Spitman which means the white race in Kurdish.This family who were raised in the cold climates of the mountains of east of Medes had white skin, and thus differentiated themselves from those who were dark skinned, thus they were recognized by the name “White” and so were called ” spitman”. The name of this child has come in the religious, Sarathushtrai.

In Kurdish dialects of Hourami ( Ahorami ) this person’s name means ” Thou who resemble the golden rays of sun shine and Pour” . It seems that this is a title they have given this man later on. In the Kurdish dialects, Hourami ( Ahorami) has been translated as such : Zara ( as the golden ray ) Ta ( the Sun ) Vashtra ( Pure), which and this Vashtra has misled Zoroasterian believers and thus called him the owner of golden camel. This person, whose real name has not been written anywhere, has been introduced in the colloquial dialects as Zardasht Zartosht. It has been historically certified and so far it is his name he is called by this name.

Zardasht in his fourteith year of life went through a special phase where he talked to himself in solitude until he was inspired by oracular world. ” Thou Zardasht, I chose you to be my messenger and invite your people to worship Ahora Mazda, the invisible God, so that you will be free from worshiping false gods and you must worship the treat” Ahouramazda”.The Khoyaneh tribe, the people who lived in the area called khoy in Eastern Kurdistan , opposed the prophet and thus the prophet immigrated to Ushidareno, which I believe is in Sanandaj ( Sna ) in eastern Kurdistan, and after thousands of years has been transformed to Vidar. In those days, people lived seldom in cities due to their cattle and herds needing meadows to graze and water. The mountain Vidar ( in Sanandaj in Kurdistan ) benefited from all these and even now is one of the richest grazing areas.

The king of that region who had built a palace on top of the mountain to secure himself against his enemies was called: Kangashah” and in the Sahneh ( in Eastern Kurdistan ). Zardasht built his fire temple in the region of Bakteriya in the the area of Dinewar ( meaning bringing of religion) in Kermashan (Kermanshah) in Kurdistan. Bakteriya then changed into Bakhtar and later they misunderstood and thought that Zardasht lived in the east of Iran near Bokhara, and Balkh (due to resemblance of the worlds). This Province is still called Baktar and two neighboring villages are called Baktars. From the shores of Urami lake, Zardasht was chosen to be prophet of Ahouramazda, but was opposed by people from Khoy and thus emigrated to the mountain Aushi Dar or Aushidarynah in Sanandaj ( east Kurdistan ) and from there he immigrated to the mountain of Huger in the region of Saaeen Dej which later was known as Dinawer.

When Key-Goshtasb ( the king) became on of Zardasht’s followers , he built his temple of fire in Bakteria and his followers lived in the area called Parsina. After a while the other god worshiping and liars and star worshiping grew among people until such time in a blood battle key-Goshtasp and his children and Zardasht and his followers were killed in the battle and a temple.

For more information read the following books:
1-Imad aldin Dawlat shahi, A translation of Farwardin Yashti Awesta ( Zardashti Kurdi) 2005, Sulaimaia, Kurdistan.
2-Saqizi, Baban, Zardasht the Hope of Salvation, 2006, Sulaimania, Kurdistan.
3- Hawrami, History of Kurdistan’s Geography in Avesta. 2006, Hawler, Kurdistan.
4- Imad aldin Dawlati Shahi , Search for unknown Mountains of Avesta.

Courtesy : Dara


  • Good work by Dara.
    I salute your zeal and endavour for digging and unearthing the depth of our community roots in this mother earth’s soil that silently speaks of our population through-out the length and breath in Asia and Europe alike.
    I request DARA to please give us the source for purchase of these books as we are at Mumbai in India. Our email:

  • Fataneh Ghafari

    Thank you for such in depth investigation. This information is making us even more aware of common rout of culture and language in different parts of Iran. You have used the word “Spitman” in this text. My understanding in right translation of “white” in a dialog of Iranian language (Farsi and Kurdish) is “Spi OR Spee” not “Spit”. I am originally from a region in Iran where the words in their dialog is very similar to Kurdish. “Spi” in this dialog means white. I hope you find this information helpful.

  • Hello everyone,

    These books are in kurdish and you can download them at in PDF format (south kurdish dialect Sorani).

  • Informative but I need more information about Zoroastrian religion can some one please mail me litrature.
    Kind Regards

  • Taking a World–Wide view, NOT restricted to the Indian – Parsi View, ONLY.

    Zoroastrians could debate in the forth coming Zoroastrian World Congress, Inviting Central Asian Zoroastrians could ONLY ADD to an EXCHANGE OF KNOWLEDGE & SUMMATION.

    If the people who Revere the Flame – meta physical & Physical with sincerity can be called the “PEOPLE OF THE FLAME”- ZORASTRIANS !
    Many MORE will defend & NURTURE the Faith & the Flame

    Nay Sayers, IF ANY, face being swamped, inevitably !


  • thanks ,very good, i am wondering some peopele thay think zardashet frome persia or afganesta or azarey(turkes),Ahora mazda, Ahora meen fire in kurdish and mazda mean mazen(gawra) .parsian say atash and azerey say azer to fire, in kurdistan hawramy and muste kurdish thay say ahwer(ager).i found out that (gatha) whichis gotakan (world) old book was in mitany (badiny) after the Sasany cam in power they changed to aveta in pahlavey kermansh a or goran dilect.

    • Thanks a Million Chia, We the desendants of Zorastrian refuges in India; (me) would love to learn MORE from Kurdistan, Tajikistan; et al.
      Best Wishs to ALL ZORS !

  • Kurosh Parsipur

    I never read so much garbage in my entire life. These misinformations were written by a deluded Muslim pan-Kurd for political gains and it is she published by fellow Zoroastrians.

  • let me first salute the kurds and the govt. of proposed secular kurdistan that has allowed the revival of zorastrian faith and the 1st. fire temple of kurdistan at sulimani. inspite of the fatwa by kurdi cleric on bbc persian calling for the death to converts as apostacy

    way back whn i was achild i remember growing in aworld that had parsis as family friends, i saw tears in the eyes of old bawa when showing me pictures of the close of Aden temple and the fire flown to Bombay then, at 6.7 years it made no-sense to me but realised the myopic viewpoint of few to live by the promise made to the king of gujarat a yadav who allowed gujarati women to be married to parsi men as the boat people had few women on board , that from now let locals not convert, promise did not say that if one parent is non-parsi children are out-caste or out of faith. but the panchyat practice was such.

    i was involved with a scholar of avestha and parsi prayers in gujarati and avestha who voiced his thoughts that wake up and not dwindle to zero
    but the seniors would not listen, if my mempry serves me right it was parsi school of canada that wanted to take converts but were afraid of brother parsi in india. the advice given was take converts like jews take after going through a process and not reading 2 lines.
    and if you are still thinking than let those who beleive in zaruastha be as zuwanist practicing zuwanism and i guess it worked for canada to take converts

    kurds and people of greater persia are going back to roots of zoraastian faith, be welcomed and respected rather than calling them crap as some still think of purity of race though hitler died in 1945

    i will be happy 2 see millions of followerss of zaruastha praying at fire temples of Persia kurdistan and the region not bothered by stupid comments of not-welcome by those whose DNA is same as them

    incidently I have lost many good parsis that i knew while growing and later

    hope i have not any one’s feeling, once again salute to kurds

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