Interfaith Conference in Honolulu

Dear folks,
We are happy to attach a preliminary announcement for an international interfaith conference in Honolulu, Hawaii in Summer, 2011. Its theme will be One Reality, One Humanity, Converging Paths. This follows up on the interest in such a conference shown by some 110 participants crowded in a room holding 80 chairs at the Parliament of World’s Religions’ “open space” presentation “Exploring the Universality of God’s Religion” (Melbourne, Australia, December, 2009).
We invite your organization to join us in co-sponsoring this event and in actively paticipating in it. We will be happy to provide any additional information you might need. Please share this announcement with other relevant organizations and people as well. Thanks.
With best wishes and much aloha,
Saleem Ahmed, Ph.D.
Executive Director, One Reality Conference and
President, All Believers Network

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