Parsi Avaz Vol.2 No.1, is now online.

Parsi Avaz Vol.2 No.1, is now online.The article index is given below.All those interested can download the magazine from the Parsi Avaz site.URL given below the article index.

 1) The Reborn Parsi Avaz enters the Second Year and a Report on the most modern American Thinking.

 2) Manthra Prayers are Talismatic Compositions by Framroze  Chiniwalla

 3) ‘‘A Biological Homology” by Prof. Insler at Gatha Colloquium of June 2009 at New York. – K N Dastoor.

 4) What is DNA? Who are Watson and Crick ?  .

 5)  Theme & Theory of Prof. Insler on Ameshaspantas and DNA Helix – K N Dastoor.

 6) What is Mystical Experience? (William James)

 7)  An open Letter to Prof. Insler on His Homology by K. N. Dastoor

  8) “Vidya” & “Avidya” – Whither Genetic Science? 

 9) Story of “Bejan and Manijeh fromShah Nameh of Firdosi by  Minoo Irani

 10) The Sparkling Light of Love by K. Navroz

 Gujarati Articles:

 1) Our Manthravani – Mahrukh

2) Seven Ameshaspand – K N Dastoor

3) Who was Kai Lohrasp ? J S Chiniwala.

4) Kshnoomn and Astrology on Mah Bokhtar (Moon) – Gustad  Forbes.


 http://www.parsiava Entries/2010/ 3/5_Click_ here_to_download _Parsi_Avaz_ Vol.2_No. 1_.pdf_files/ Click%20here% 20to%20download% 20Parsi%20Avaz% 20Vol.2%20No. 1%20.pdf

Courtesy : K.F.Keravala

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