Jame celebrates 178 years

It is to be noted that the Parsees of India have been pioneers in establishing modern schools in India.  Parsees were among the first who, in 1819, converted the traditional education system (old fashioned schoolhouse) into new educational methods.  Parsees had well understood that they should make use of historic opportunities and arm their new generation with the weapon of knowledge and science.  Therefore, along with the establishment of modern schools, they started printing publications and several cultural centers in cities with Zoroastrian communities.  Among them Mobed Fereidoonji Marzban was a pioneer.  He was one of the first in the Parsee community to attempt news reporting and was the founder of the first Parsee paper, in 1812.  But yet, 20 years were to pass before Jam-e Jamshid, the most renowned Parsee publication was printed.

Jam-e Jamshid newspaper, the most renowned publication of Indian Parsees, celebrated, this year, its 178th birthday.

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