Parsis of Thane

We the Parsis of Thane city today celebrated the 229th year of our Parsi Agiary in Thane city situated @ Tembi Naka (thane w)
Our chief guests include Mr Jantraee (honorable commissioner of TMC); Police Commissioner Shri Anil Dhere and our wada Dastoorji Shri Kotwal ji.

We demanded to the govt officials to give us back our encroached cottage adjacent to the temple which is lying in shiv Sena’s hands since ages. Late Shri Anand Dihge ji had given his blessing and concent in writing to give back our temple land and cottage; but after his death there is no one taking action on the same

We have taken a signature campaign of Parsis in Thane city and we are going to meet our dear CM and as well as Uddhav Thackrey ji to give us help to get back what belongs to our religion and community.
If nothing works the people of Thane Parsi cmmunity will take to the streets, organize a hunger strike; do whatever it takes to get us back what belongs to the religion and thane parsi community

We wish and seek your help to put this news on your website and spread the same to the Parsi community around Thane and Mumbai

Firdosh Kotwal |Tel: 9324670507|
AIM: kfirdosh
Office Secretary: Mumbai Pradesh Youth Congress

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