Refresher Program on Prayers


The M.F. Cama Athornan Institute is hosting refresher courses for Ostas, Ervads and Behdin Pasbaans between May 9 to 22. The courses seek to provide training and practice of ‘bhanter’ (different prayers) and various ceremonies. Imparting information by way of questions and answers on inter­esting topics and matters raised by young and old participants, there will be hand-on training. Guest Speakers will enlighten participants on various aspects of the religion through lec­tures, film and audio visual shows .

Registration is open to Athornan and Behdin participants from Mumbai, as well as from across India and abroad.

The programme is free and open to persons of all ages and will include boarding, lodging and supply of books, study materials, etc.

Contact: Er. Hormazdiyar Gowadia – 9969014126; Er. Mahiar Panthaki ­9821049251; Er. Jamshed Bhesadia (Panthaky) 9820326083; Er. Dinyar Vajifdar 26422435; Office of the Ex­Students’ Association, CIa. 12 Karani House, Dr. C.H. St., Dhabi Talao, Mumbai 400 002: 22000831. The last date for receiving entries is May 4.

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