Davier Agiary


Davier Agiary

With the blessings of our fellow Zoroastrian brothers and sisters, we were able to complete the following tasks:

1) Complete renovation of the Agiary.

2) Construction of the resident room for the Dasturji.

3) Installation of boring pump.

4) Installation of water taps to wash hands before the Kusti prayers.

5) Making of the ladies Kusti room.

6) Construction of roof for the dharamshala.

7) Making of toilets.

Hence we look upon the Parsee community, well known for its charity to donate generously towards the maintenance of our Sacred Fire, Kathi Fund, Mobed Nibhav and also to provide the basic amenities required to organise Ghambar (community lunch) of this magnitude on the Anniversary day of this Davier Fire.

Cheques may be drawn in favour of “Davier Parsi Zarthosti Anjuman Fund” at Davier, via Umargaon, Dist.Valsad.

Yours truly,

Pervez Mistry

Courtesy : Hushang Vakil

Click here for a Photo with a brief description, extracted from Marzban J. Giara’s book titled, “Global Directory Of Zoroastrian Fire Temples”  Davier Agiyari



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