A mysterious incident in the Paak Rajkot Agiary !


A mysterious incident which occured in the Paak Rajkot Agiary !

Requesting all those interested, to please click on the URL given below[1], to read about the very strange incident which occurred in the Paak Rajkot Agiary! This interesting article “Asho Sarosh Yazad” is written by Mrs.Silloo Mehta(Mazdayasni Connection,Californ ia).

Where have all such faithful Priest gone ???

Why do we not hear such stories anymore( three mysterious incidents mentioned in the article) ???


[1] http://tenets. zoroastrianism. com/AshoSaroshYa zad.pdf

Courtesy : K.F.Keravala


  • Marazban A Mogrelia

    Sir. Thks for sharing the articles with us.
    Is this incident at Rajkot a recent one. I had visted Rajkot in 2002 only to find our agiary shut. Was given to u’stand from a local paan wala opposite the lane to the agiarie’s approach rd that no one lives here. If it is recent incident I’ m very happy. Our priest too are suffering from the pangs of consumerism & the lust of corporate perks. This waive has left us starved of learned priests. The behdins do not want to contribute to match priest’s expectations

  • The said PDF is not readable, its a pity waste of time, the document has nothing in it, stop claiming fake miracles…

  • Anyway i can contact Mr.K.F.Keravala, if so then please do let me know the same.
    Thank you…

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