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Sir Mehernosh Shroff

I am Knight of the Order of Royal Honor ( Spain ) , I received  my letters of Patent and Privilege  in march end  I am also The Royal Chancellor for the Order of Royal Honor for India

Professionally I am a  Chief Engineer , Fellow of  Institute of marine Engineers , Owner of Marine Tugs ,Port vessels , Managers of Ports and terminals + owners of Ship Yards , I own three Marine Group companies :Seaworthy International Ports and Tugs  ,International Towage + salvage , Port and Terminal managers , supply of full Port & terminal Vessels + manpower Growmor I P Ltd ( Iso 9001 -2000 ) International Infrastructure Projects Owners and suppliers of Port and offshore Marine Vessels and International Manpower supply + International Trading , Mumbai Houseboats and yachts : Builder Designer and Owner of Houseboats + Yachts  in India with Exquisite carvings , Our Houseboat is the most famous Houseboat in Bombay ..with 200+ articles in news papers ..

I write Books on Environmental Safety ( Ahimsa Warships of Peace and Eco sense ) and novels my spare time .. nine books written ( none published trying I need editors  )  , trying to Enhance Environmental  movement as Good Will Ambassador to get Senators and Presidents to Join me

I also write articles for Various Shipping news papers on Environmental safety & Give Interviews on various T V Channels on Ship safety /  Towage and Salvage

I work to raise funds and awareness for  with Autistic spectrum Disorder ,  Mentally  challenged children & adults and raise funds for various Schools like S P Jain Sadhana School ,this is also a cause as a Good will Ambassador ,

Best regards

Sir Mehernosh Shroff