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NOU ROUZ the only scientific New Year

NOU ROUZ THE ONLY SCIENTIFIC NEW YEAR   What many Parsi/Iranians are not aware of NOU ROUZ.   The Persian New Year has crossed all religious and national boundaries and is celebrated by all the people that once formed the great Persian Empire. Even opposing religions that originated in Iran, like the Bahai’s and the Ismaili Muslims have both incorporated Nou Rouz into their religion. The word Nou Rouz, is made up of two Persian words, Nou meaning New and Rouz meaning Day. The question that should arise is; why is the New Year called New Day? However, nobody raises that question for it has gradually taken the form of a proper name. During the last millennium the Persians have preferred not to discuss this matter; for fear that the rulers may ban the celebration of Nou Rouz all together. A look at history and science will reveal the truth and the reason.

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