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We are pleased to announce that our WZCC Director for Global and External Relations, Dr. Zareen Karani Araoz, has been invited to be the Director of the Lexicon Global Business School in Pune. Lexicon has an MBA program, AICTE accredited and affiliated to Pune University, and a proposed Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Attached is an ad for a variety of faculty and language teachers for this unique program that will be educating global managers. We encourage qualified and interested individuals from this group to apply. They are looking for faculty with a passion for excellence, global experience, energy to work and develop an innovative program and educators with creative teaching methods, and practical experience with industry. Please send a copy of your cover letter and resume to <gerry.lime@lexicon.edu.in>

Zareen is committed to making this an outstanding global management program, and is seeking a team of educators to work together to build and grow these programs in Pune, and eventually at other campuses. The School will have an Advisory Board of internationally respected corporate and academic leaders, and will connect with universities and corporations globally. Zareen can be reached at <zareen@lexicon.edu.in>

Ad For MBA + LGBS Faculty at Lexicon Institute of Global Management

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