Fasli, Parsi, Irani Calendars

Calendar Magic is an easy-to-use pack of calendar utilities that is entertaining, informative, educational, and of equal applicability in the home and in the office.

It supports the following calendars: Full year and individual month Gregorian, Afghan, Armenian, Baha’i, Bangla, Chinese, Coptic, Egyptian, Ethiopic, French Revolutionary, Hebrew, Hindu Lunisolar (3 variants), Hindu Solar, Indian National, Islamic Civil, Julian, Revised Julian, Parsi Fasli, Parsi Kadmi, Parsi Shenshai, Persian (2 variants), Sikh Nanakshahi and Vietnamese calendars. A user option is provided to choose between displaying/printing calendars showing each week starting on a Monday (in line with the ISO 8601 international standard), on a Sunday for North American users, or on a Saturday for Middle East users.

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  • It is really a very good application which gives you a variety of calendars to convert to Including Parsi Shehenshai – Kadmi – Fasli.+ Calculates Julian days and many other applications. I have been using this since 4-5 years and have found it very useful and correct.

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