Atash-nu Parabh

by Pervin Mistry.

Adar Roj, Adar Mah, Y.Z. 1378 / April 24, 2009.

Today is Atash-nu Parab, Adar roj, Adar mah. It is an auspicious day for us because we believe in celebrating the Creation of Fire, Ahura Mazda’s Greatest Gift, on this day when the roj and the mah co-inside. If not a hearth Fire, at least a divo will be lighted in all Zarathushti homes today. Today is also Pak Iranshah’s Birthday. We thank Pak Iranshah for spiritually protecting our religion and community for more than the past twelve hundred and eighty-eight years! May Pak Iranshah continue to guide and protect us! May His Pav Mahal remain in tact for many more millennia to come! May He preserve our link with the Spiritual Fires, with Ahura Mazda and Asho Zarathushtra, and with Iran !

Being an important day to celebrate the creation of Fire, I would like to share with you what I have learnt about the following Holy Fires. These Fires are mentioned by many learned authors in several books. …..Just thought I’d share this information with all my friends on today’s auspicious day!

Read on by clicking here … atash-nu-parabh

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