Hoshbam: The Dawn (of Consciousness)


The article – Hoshbam: The Dawn (of Consciousness) – written by Ms Silloo Mehta is from her magazine,

“The Mazdayasni Connection”,  in three Parts.

2006 Summer Edition Part 1,

2006 Fall Edition Part 2

2006 Winter Edition Part 3

Click here to read the entire article … HOSHBAM  

Courtesy : Firdosh K Sukhia

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  • As explained by Dasturji K. N. Dastoor Meherjirana in one of his classes,

    The prayer sequence should follow the change of geh periods.

    In Ushahin geh, the sequence is Sarosh Baj —>Ushahin geh—–>Hoshbam as in actual practice the Ushahin geh gets completed before the Ushahin ni Meher starts.

    In Havan geh the sequence is Sarosh Baj—-> Hoshbam—->Havan geh, as Hoshbam – Havan ni Meher starts before the commencement of the actual Havan geh.

    Behram P Dhabhar

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