Appeal for 5 year old Pakzad

From: –

Mrs. Queenie J Tata                                         

12/1275, Parsiwad,




 Sub: – Medical Aid for my 5 yrs old son having 90% Profound Deafness and lack of Speech.

Respected  Sir/Madam,

 I the undersigned Mrs. Queenie J Tata PARSEE WOMAN would like to bring to your notice that my 5 yrs old son Pakzad was born with 90% Profound deafness. thereby unable to hear with both ears. He is also unable to speak.

 We had shown to ENT 2 yrs back but were unable to detect the same. Recently we consulted Dr. Mallika Arjun a well known Doctor in Ahmadabad. On his performing the BERA Test on Pakzad, the result indicated his having 90% Profound deafness leading to speech impairement.

 Initially, the doctor suggested for him the use of Hearing Aid (Phonak Model Naida 3 SP) costing Rs. 89,600/-. We purchased the same and we along with its usage, gave him 2 months therapy also but there was improvement to a very limited extent.

 Subsequently, the performed Audiometery test and as suggested by Dr. Saumitra Shah, a Cochlear Implant is a must for him as that will enable him to hear normally after the implant. As per the estimates provided by the Doctor, the total  expenditure will work out as under :

 1.Cost of the implant eqipment as supplied by Cochlear Company of Australia. – Rs. 9.75 Lacs 

2. Other expenses comprising of pre operative assessment surgery and post operative rehabilitation for 1 year   Rs. 1.30 Lacs.

3. Grand Total                 Rs.11.85 Lacs

 Even after the surgery the child will require therapy treatment for approx 1.5 years costing Rs. 36000/-. Moreover, every 7 years the outer machine needs to be changed costing Rs.2.5 Lacs each time.

 As this is a very expensive and long term treatment, it is very difficult for us to bear the cost of this expensive operation on our own.

 As per doctor’s decision, The Cochlear Implant is performed to cure the problem of hearing of any one ear only at a time, either Left or Right ear.

 Dr. S. Mohan from Chennai who is a Cochlear Implant expert in India and has performed more than 500 such operations will be visiting Surat on 1st and 2nd May 2010. It is our good fortune that Dr. Saumitra V. Shah of Surat under whose treatment we are, has suggested us to get the surgery performed by him.

 My husband Mr. Jaosh Tata is the only earning member in our family. He is, serving as a Manager in TATA-AIG LIFE and earning around Rs. 40000/- Per Month. Our regular expenditure includes sipporting of our elderly parents whose monthly medical expenses come to about Rs. 4,000/- as well as our elder daughter studying in Std. 2nd.

 We will be highly thankful and indebted to you if you can extend any financial help to aid us in this endeavour. We hope that with the kind co-operation and suppot of all of you, my only son will  be able to lead a normal life like other children after the operation and therapy. Please be kind enough to help us and oblige.

 Our ICICI Bank Surat A/c No. is 019301510430.

 Awaiting a favorable response from your end. May God Bless you all with health, wealth, Peace and eternal happiness.

 Thanking you

 Yours Sincerely,

 Queenie Jaosh Tata.

 (Phone: – 0261-2423866) M 9825235553

 Summary of Expenses that will be incurred before and after the Cochlear Implant are as follows-

                                                                                                                                    Amount in Rs.

1. Cochlear Implant Machine Nucleus.  9,75,000
2. Hearing Aid Phonak Naida 3 SP 89,600
3  Operation Charges n Hospital Stay 3 days 75,000
4. Rehabilitation Cost 25,000
5. CT Scan and MRI 10,500
6. Speech Therapy 6,000
7. Bera Test 5,000
8. Miscellaneous  Expenses 4,000
Total Cost 11,90,100

Click here for copies of the Medical Reports and Doctor’s letter Appeal_Pakzad’s Scanned Docs

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