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The Disciplines And Doctrines Of The Zarathushtrian Daenaa

1. Sudreh-Kushti is NOT just a symbol. It is an Alaat, absorbing and emanating divine Energies; a spiritual discipline, a yoga for the Parsis.

2. Navjote is NOT an Initiation or baptism-like ceremony. It is a confirmation of the promise given to Asho Zarathushtra before arriving on the globe.

3. Manthra Prayers are NOT grammatical, historical or geographical treatises of the alleged primitive times; they are the means of attunement with the Yazatas, the Divine Conscious Channels of Ahura Mazda’s Light.

4. Atash Padshah is NOT a dry symbol. He is the Divine Entity watching the karmic cycles of our journey towards Ahura Mazda and helping us in numerous mysterious ways.

5. Yasna and ceremonies are NOT some ‘primitive’ rituals; they are to be performed with strenuous precision; they generate powerful Fields of Divine Energies which carry our certain specified mystical tasks in Nature.

6. Dokhma is NOT just a method of physical disposal of corpses; it is a divine Power House in transition between this world and the next, and actively assists the journey of the Ruvaan.

7. The Moral Code of Zarathushtra is NOT just a social or worldly necessity; it is a spiritual exercise for the life on earth; every thought, word and deed, good or bad, is registered and recorded at several places in Nature and has a crucial part to play during our journey in this world and the world after death.

8. The Zarathushtrian code of life guides us to revere all the elements of Nature; to use them just adequately and not excessively, and with a profound feeling of thanksgiving to Ahura Mazda and His Yazatas.

9. Meher Patet, truth and repentance, is the code to deal with the humans, animals, vegetation and matter.

10.Boonak Pasbani is NOT a mere survival exercise; it is, in addition, a spiritual discipline for onward journey to Ahura Mazda.

11. Different Religions (‘Daenaao’) are sent by God as a part of His Divine plan to draw the humans and through them the whole creation towards Him.

* * * *

Oh Ahura! Lead me from darkness to Thy Light…… Make my whole being vibrate with extreme humility in Thy service …. Make me a storehouse of Thy Energy ….. Lead my narrow consciousness towards Thy Divine Consciousness …. Make my eyes capable to see Thee ….. Teach me the mysteries of your Daenaao – different Faiths and Dins. (Atash Niyaish and Gatha 33, 13-14 “Ooos moi Ujaareyshwaa Ahura …..)

* * * *

We dedicate all our deeds, utterance, devotion, energies to Thee Oh Mazda Ahura (Gatha 34-1 – Yaa Shyothnaa …).

* * * *

(Parsi Pukar – AUGUST 1995 Vol. 1; No.2)

Courtesy : Firdosh K Sukhia

Superbike Workshop

Hello to all ,

I Will be starting a Motorcycle Technician Training Programme.

Ive already been lecturing on motorcycle maintainance and safety for the last 5 years.

This course is designed for the motorcycle enthusiast .

Little or no knowledge is acceptable as this course will be taking the students right from history of the motorcycle all the way to them opening and troubleshooting engine related issues as well as suspension systems and chassis dynamics.I want the students to get an absolute hands on experience.

I’ll be teaching my students maintainance , troubleshooting , Modifications and also teach rider safety.

They will even go on site visits and get a real hands on working on multicylinder superbikes as well as our own indian bikes.

Timings : 11am to 6pm

Language :English

Duration : 35 days

Batch will start from 10th May 2010.

Fees : 10,000 per entrant

Address : Xtreme Machines , Shop no 3 , Surya Bldg , Opp Sunshree Crown , Before cloud 9 , NIBM rd , Kondhwa,  Pune 411048

For those interested or voucher can contact me directly on my cell : 0-9822427209 or shoot me a mail : xtrememachines@ ilovefuel. com


Fareez Bhathena

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Religious leaders meet in Istanbul

Dear Friends
We had a most successful meeting of the European Council of Religious Leaders (ECRL).
The constitution of ECRL has representation from the seven religions in Europe, including Zoroastrianism, and all seven religions were represented at this meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. Also present were dignitaries from the European political institutions including Dr. Jorge César das Neves, Adviser to The President of the European Commission.
The concerns and contributions  of the minority communities was loud and clear on the issues of justices equality and sharing.
The partnership between the traditional faith communities of Europe; Christianity, Judaism and Islam and the world religions with a shorter history in Europe; Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Zoroastrianism  ensures equality, justices and respect for all. The issue of migration, religious symbols and a universal code for the protection of sacred  sites were discussed in depth, especially on how best to cater for and respect the traditions of the indigenous population and the “new comers”  when seeking a common ground of values. 
Please find enclosed
·         the Istanbul Declaration on Tolerance. Our Commitment to Justice, Equality and Sharing .
 ECRL Istanbul declaration on Tolerance 

And the link to the Press Release herewith.  

With love and peace – Jehangir Sarosh