Religious leaders meet in Istanbul

Dear Friends
We had a most successful meeting of the European Council of Religious Leaders (ECRL).
The constitution of ECRL has representation from the seven religions in Europe, including Zoroastrianism, and all seven religions were represented at this meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. Also present were dignitaries from the European political institutions including Dr. Jorge César das Neves, Adviser to The President of the European Commission.
The concerns and contributions  of the minority communities was loud and clear on the issues of justices equality and sharing.
The partnership between the traditional faith communities of Europe; Christianity, Judaism and Islam and the world religions with a shorter history in Europe; Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Zoroastrianism  ensures equality, justices and respect for all. The issue of migration, religious symbols and a universal code for the protection of sacred  sites were discussed in depth, especially on how best to cater for and respect the traditions of the indigenous population and the “new comers”  when seeking a common ground of values. 
Please find enclosed
·         the Istanbul Declaration on Tolerance. Our Commitment to Justice, Equality and Sharing .
 ECRL Istanbul declaration on Tolerance 

And the link to the Press Release herewith.  

With love and peace – Jehangir Sarosh 

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