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Appeal for 5 year old Pakzad

From: –

Mrs. Queenie J Tata                                         

12/1275, Parsiwad,




 Sub: – Medical Aid for my 5 yrs old son having 90% Profound Deafness and lack of Speech.

Respected  Sir/Madam,

 I the undersigned Mrs. Queenie J Tata PARSEE WOMAN would like to bring to your notice that my 5 yrs old son Pakzad was born with 90% Profound deafness. thereby unable to hear with both ears. He is also unable to speak.

 We had shown to ENT 2 yrs back but were unable to detect the same. Recently we consulted Dr. Mallika Arjun a well known Doctor in Ahmadabad. On his performing the BERA Test on Pakzad, the result indicated his having 90% Profound deafness leading to speech impairement.

 Initially, the doctor suggested for him the use of Hearing Aid (Phonak Model Naida 3 SP) costing Rs. 89,600/-. We purchased the same and we along with its usage, gave him 2 months therapy also but there was improvement to a very limited extent.

 Subsequently, the performed Audiometery test and as suggested by Dr. Saumitra Shah, a Cochlear Implant is a must for him as that will enable him to hear normally after the implant. As per the estimates provided by the Doctor, the total  expenditure will work out as under :

 1.Cost of the implant eqipment as supplied by Cochlear Company of Australia. – Rs. 9.75 Lacs 

2. Other expenses comprising of pre operative assessment surgery and post operative rehabilitation for 1 year   Rs. 1.30 Lacs.

3. Grand Total                 Rs.11.85 Lacs

 Even after the surgery the child will require therapy treatment for approx 1.5 years costing Rs. 36000/-. Moreover, every 7 years the outer machine needs to be changed costing Rs.2.5 Lacs each time.

 As this is a very expensive and long term treatment, it is very difficult for us to bear the cost of this expensive operation on our own.

 As per doctor’s decision, The Cochlear Implant is performed to cure the problem of hearing of any one ear only at a time, either Left or Right ear.

 Dr. S. Mohan from Chennai who is a Cochlear Implant expert in India and has performed more than 500 such operations will be visiting Surat on 1st and 2nd May 2010. It is our good fortune that Dr. Saumitra V. Shah of Surat under whose treatment we are, has suggested us to get the surgery performed by him.

 My husband Mr. Jaosh Tata is the only earning member in our family. He is, serving as a Manager in TATA-AIG LIFE and earning around Rs. 40000/- Per Month. Our regular expenditure includes sipporting of our elderly parents whose monthly medical expenses come to about Rs. 4,000/- as well as our elder daughter studying in Std. 2nd.

 We will be highly thankful and indebted to you if you can extend any financial help to aid us in this endeavour. We hope that with the kind co-operation and suppot of all of you, my only son will  be able to lead a normal life like other children after the operation and therapy. Please be kind enough to help us and oblige.

 Our ICICI Bank Surat A/c No. is 019301510430.

 Awaiting a favorable response from your end. May God Bless you all with health, wealth, Peace and eternal happiness.

 Thanking you

 Yours Sincerely,

 Queenie Jaosh Tata.

 (Phone: – 0261-2423866) M 9825235553

 Summary of Expenses that will be incurred before and after the Cochlear Implant are as follows-

                                                                                                                                    Amount in Rs.

1. Cochlear Implant Machine Nucleus.  9,75,000
2. Hearing Aid Phonak Naida 3 SP 89,600
3  Operation Charges n Hospital Stay 3 days 75,000
4. Rehabilitation Cost 25,000
5. CT Scan and MRI 10,500
6. Speech Therapy 6,000
7. Bera Test 5,000
8. Miscellaneous  Expenses 4,000
Total Cost 11,90,100

Click here for copies of the Medical Reports and Doctor’s letter Appeal_Pakzad’s Scanned Docs

Parsi genome project to probe mysteries of longevity, cancer

More than 4,200 Parsis have so far given their blood samples for a genome project that aims at a comprehensive study of Zoroastrian individuals to explore the genetic basis of their longevity and higher incidence of breast cancer among their women.

The first focus of the analysis would be breast cancer and diabetes. “The output of this work should be visible in 2011 on these two specific areas,” said Dr Villoo Morawala-Patell, a Parsi and the brain behind the project.

Villoo said she expects to collect the blood samples of 15,000-20,000 Parsis of the total population of 67,000 in India by March next year. About 40 to 50 bio-informatics scientists are currently working on the project.

The project also aims at creating a genetic, genealogical and a medical database of India’s Parsi population, whose religion forbids marriage outside the community. The database would help develop unique biomarkers for universal use.

Click Here to read the rest of the story

Misc. Vacancies in Management Institute

Dear Friends,

I have recently taken over as Director of the Lexicon Institute of Management Education in Pune, and would really value your assistance in locating reliable, honest, innovative people for the following positions for the MBA and proposed PGDM programs:

i. Assistant Director: We are looking for someone with at least a Master’s Degree, preferably an MBA or a management-related field. This person will be responsible to oversee the functioning of the program when the Director is away, supervise the staff and faculty and liaison with the Director on a daily basis. When the Director is here, they will continue to help in the administration and supervision of faculty and staff of the Institute. The Assistant Director will report to the Director. This individual needs to be an organized, reliable and mature individual, who cares about the development of students, can lead a diverse team, and work in a flexible “start-up” environment and help in the process of establishing efficient systems. Excellent communication and collaboration skills a must.

ii. Faculty in Marketing, HR and Finance: We are looking for Heads of Departments in all these areas, as well as regular faculty. Corporate experience a must. Experience in teaching a plus. We are looking for creative-minded faculty with academic excellence, as well as ability to bring in innovative teaching methods and relevant corporate experiences. The atmosphere will be one of collaborative team-work in building a program that meets the needs of the national and global marketplace.

iii. Executive Secretary: We are looking for a highly efficient and organized person, with excellent communication and computer skills and ability to converse with diverse people. Flexibility to work and communicate with people globally.

iv. Front Desk Receptionist: We are looking for a pleasant individual with excellent communication skills, computer skills
and the ability to represent the Institute well and communicate effectively with diverse people, with a special concern and responsiveness for students and their needs.

v. Communication and Language Teacher: We are looking for a professional teacher in the area of spoken English fluency, presentation skills, appropriate articulation and business conversation.

Please send your resumes and cover letters to: Dr. Zareen Karani Araoz <> Positions are open with immediate effect. All the positions require excellent English language skills

Thank you very much. Known referrals will be welcome.

Kind regards,


Dr. Zareen Karani Araoz
Director, Lexicon Institute of Management Education
Mobile: +91-98905-88220

Summer Trainees Required

Summer trainees required for Market Research. Fresh Gradate / Undergraduate between 18 & 25 years of age. First year Management students can take up as summer project.
Stipend + Incentive. Mumbai based.
Duration 4-6 weeks.
Call between 11 am & 8pm. Monday-Saturday
Shernaz 9821715239
Zubin 9821097769

Avestan Digital Archive – Search Engine for Manuscripts

The Avestan Digital Archive (ADA) seeks to be a digital archive containing all Avestan manuscripts spread all over the world. The Avesta, the holy book of the Zoroastrian religion, was last edited at the end of the 90s of the 19th century by the German scholar K. F. Geldner. We claim that presently a new edition is needed. The main reasons are:

  • In the last decades some manuscripts Geldner did not have access to have become available
  • Geldner did not check by himself all the manuscripts used for his edition. For some of them he had access only to copies or collations by other colleagues. This was the source of several mistakes in his edition
  • the methods of textual criticism have strongly changed since Geldner and many methodological decisions of Geldner seem today unacceptable. The most important one is undoubtedly that he does not record systematically all the variae lectiones (or a selection according to well established criteria), but only the variants he considered important for the establishment of a sure text
  • even when he checked the manuscript by himself and recorded the variae lectiones, he made mistakes more often than expected

For all these reasons it has become a true need to provide the scholars with reasonably sure readings of the extant Avestan texts. But a new edition of the Avesta is a huge task: probably more than two hundred manuscripts scattered all over the world have to be checked. Many of them are not available even as microfilms and are only accessible through long stays in Indian libraries. Also the purchase of microfilms from European libraries is not the best way for single researchers to get access to the manuscripts: a lot of them are needed, so that the undertaking quickly gets too expensive and the result is a not easily manageable amount of microfi lms. A printed publication of such an amount of manuscripts is no more feasible, above all because of financial reasons. So it is easy to understand that yet nobody has seriously tried to undertake a new edition of the Avesta, or al least a serious review of Geldner’s edition.

Click Here for more on the Project

Fezana AGM

The Fezana AGM is being held on April 24th -25th., 2010 at   Holiday Inn  at  590 Argus Road, Oakville , Ontario, Canada

Agenda for WZCC on the Afternoon of April 25th (1-4pm) is :

1- 2.30pm – Panel discussion on “Options for Entrepreneurial Pursuit ”  – Moderator –  Behzad Shroff

Panelists  –
Sohrab Ghadialy – Real estate investing (rental properties)
Jehaangir Bulsara – Family businesses (starting them and growing them)
Xerxes Wania – Angel investing in startups

Adi Kavarana – Stock markets & equity investment options

2.30-2.45 – tea break

2.45-4pm – Farshid Behmardi from BE Control Machines to present his Toronto based-business. Mr. Behmardi is seeking investment and guidance. Presentation followed by Q&A

Cost, $5 per person.

For further details on teh Fezana event please see or contact Xerxes ( or Behzad (

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