Kayhan Irani

According to India-West April 30, 2010 issue, a Parsi Zarathushti woman artist, Kayhan Irani’s new TV series ‘We are New York’ won two Emmy Awards (see below). Also, Parsi Khabar has an article with a short bio on her with reference to a play “We’ve come undone” at URL http://parsikhabar.net/kayhan-irani-artivist-with-a-cause/

Courtesy :  Maneck Bhujwala

“New York  –  The mayor of New York’s Office of Adult Education and City University New York won two awards April 18 at the 53rd Annual New York Emmy Awards for “We are New York,” a powerful TV series designed to help immigrants navigate American life.

The groundbreaking new show – created by Indian American artist Kayhan Irani – won local New York Emmy Awards for best writing and best photography.

“I am so proud, and so happy to see a TV show by, for, and about New York’s immigrants get the attention it deserves,” Irani told India-West in an email.

Each episode of the show has a different story of immigrants living in New York City. “We are New York” is intended to help people learn English that will be useful to them; each week, a new story will show people speaking English is important and realistic situations, like going to the doctor or talking with a child’s teacher.

The characters speak the English of everyday life, but they speak a little slower than the average English-language television show. The show also has subtitles in English, helping people to understand and learn the language.”

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