Basic Teachings of Din-e-Mazdayasni on the Humans and Ahuramazda

 What is Prayer?

      It is the contact or communication or conversation between you and Ahuramazda. An ordinary communication, whether face to face or by telephone involves two beings. One says or transmits something to the other. The other hears or receives it, and gives an answer, which is picked up by the first one. It is a transmission of consciousness. One generates a thought in him; that means, he becomes conscious of the thought. He converts the thought in words and conveys it by words to the other, who receives it and in turn becomes conscious of it.

      But prayer communication has an abnor­mal feature. Our own knowledge of two com­municators, namely, ourselves, at the one end and Ahuramazda at the other, is fuzzy. We are ignorant about both.

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Courtesy : Firdosh K Sukhia

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