Who were Magi ?

 Who were Magi ? By Malcolm Bhesania 

 From Mazdayasni Conection 2005 Winter Edition

 Were they ‘wise men’ or ‘kings’, ‘sorcerers’ or ‘priests’? The opinions are as many as there are writers. This article unravels the maze of diverse opinions on the subject.

 Almost no one agrees on who came to that stable in Bethlehem two thousand years ago, how they came, where they came from, whether they were sages or kings and what they gave to that special child. Although early Christian artwork had pictured the magi accurately in priestly Persian attire, their appearance became transformed by later legend into opulently clad Kings. St. Matthew doesn’t call them Kings; he calls them ‘magi.’ Modern translations of the New Testament often use ‘Wise Men [1].’ The term ‘Magi’ has confounded even the best writer, and it has become a term of very wide application ever since its first use by Asho Zarathushtra himself in the Gatha (Ha 33.7). Based on references from the Gatha and other religious texts, this article attempts to understand the Magi, their connection with Asho Zarathushtra and the Zarathushti religion, and unravel the maze of diverse opinions on the subject. 

 Many opinions…..Click to read on……Who were Magi 

Courtesy : Firdosh K Sukhia

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