Appeal – Mazgaon Agiary

Fund Raising / Donation for Mazgaon Agiary (the Batliwalla / Anjuman Fire Temple

Dear Zarathushti friends,

We have received an appeal from the Trustees of the Batliwalla / Anjuman Agiary from Mazgaon.

This is a sincere appeal for funds and the trustees have also suggested a money-box collection scheme where a group of people can gather and collect funds.

The appeal letters of the Trustees are in the enclosed PDF file attached herewith.  Appeal_Mazgaon Agiyary

We are also sending beneath the original letter which was sent by Mrs Zaver Bomanbehram, and it describes the efforts put in by Mrs Kashmira Homi Cooper. Perhaps this is for Parsis who are based in North America. Thank you Mrs Bomanbehram.

Please respond to the trustees’ appeal by making a donation (if you can) or assist in raising funds for this historic agiary.


TZML Admins



We have been requested to network with our friends, as Mazgaon Agiary is requesting your Critical Financial Assistance to support their Maintenance Program. This Maintenance is a genuine requirement known to Karishma Mirpuri and her family. This particular Agiary is in the proximity of Karishma’s home in Mazgaon, Mumbai and has supported many Parsi Families for generations! !

May be now it is our turn to consider a PAY BACK!!

Enclosed is the Official Request Form from the Mazgaon Agiary Trustees.

To ensure seamless Financial Integrity for this monumental responsibility, Karishma and Sunil have agreed to undertake the Reconcilement of Funds Collections Cummulatively in North America; to transfer of the Funds to Agiary Trustees and to provide a Tax Exemption Receipt to the individual Donors. If you directly provide your donation or by walk-ins; kindly keep us informed also, to receive your Receipt.

To streamline Mazgaon Agiary Funds Collection Process at a Central Location, please send your generous donation checks in any currency, as indicated in the enclosure to:

Kashmira Homi Cooper

157-25 Rose Avenue,

Flushing, New York 11355.

Tel #: 718-762-0295.

Feel free to forward this Appeal to your friends & families Worldwide, so that we can deliver significant Financial Assistance for this Agiary.   

As you know for the Fire Temple; no amount is too small or too large!!!!

Thanking you.

Best wishes,

Kashmira & Homi Cooper.

One comment

  • I wish to draw your attention to the fact that the Zorashtrian population living in Mazagoan area has come down drastically over the past few years, due to either migrating to other parts of Mumbai or migrating to countries outside India, due to which the number of Zorashtrians visiting the 2 Agiaries located in Mazagoan area i.e. Patel Agiary and Anjuman Agiary has come down very very much.

    Of the Zorashtrians living in Mazagoan, please count the number of them visiting to the above Agiaries on a weekly or monthly or yearly basis, and you will get a very very sorry figure, which puts the blame on the parents of these zorashtrians who have not educated their children to regularly visit the Agiaries and say their prayers. If even the zorashtrians currently living in Mazagoan area make it a point to visit the above Agiaries even ONCE a week (just like the Muslims and Christians) and say their prayers and put some money in the DONATION box kept in the Agiaries, will definetly help in at least collecting some funds to be spent on the daily expenses in the Agiary.

    Once in a year in the premises of the Anjuman Agiary the late Mr. Sohrab Dahmubed used to orgainse a JASHAN, during which very few Zorashtrians used to attend, BUT now with the untimely death of Mr. Sohrab Dahmubed I request that this tradition should be continued.

    Its also very very sad to see that the number of Zorashtrians living in different parts of Mumbai has come drastically due to which even the number of Zorashtrians visiting the other Agiaries in Mumbai has come down very much and going forward I will not be surprised to know that even the trustees of the other Agiaries in Mumbai will appeal or request for help.

    A step in the right direction to save ALL THE AGIARIES in Mumbai has to be taken so that we avoid facing the above situation.

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