Zarthosht No Deeso

Zarthosht No Deeso

A Day to Rededicate Ourselves to His Message of Spreading Happiness

By Noshir H. Dadrawala

Just as Roj Khurdad of Mah Fravardin is traditionally celebrated as Khurdad saal – the day when Asho Zarathushtra was born; Roj Khurshed of Mah Dae is observed as Zarathosht no Deeso – the day on which our dear Prophet Zarathushtra passed away from this material world to the spiritual world.

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  • Noshir.Minocher.Bharucha

    Read a precious Artical On Jarthost no Deso submitted by Noshir. H.Dadrawala. After reading such articals a Questain is arised in my mind that such holy articals can not be translated in Gujarati ? There are many humdin who do not know or less know english can also get the knowledge of our holly religion.or after publishing the artical in inglish, some one may translate in Gujariti. Is it not possible ?


  • shernaaz engineer

    absolutely delighted to see this article online — or should that be onlyne!

    but i think a credit line was in order: This article first appeared in the Jam-e-Jamshed dated May 23, 2010.

    after all, as noshir will himself testify, this was an article specially commissioned by the jam-e-jamshed!

    • Yes, we had taken permission from Noshir to carry this, and you are right, it appeared in Jame Jamshed dt. May 23, 2010. We will remember to give credit next time onwards.

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