The Poor Woodcutter and the Royal Jashan

The Sasanian king Anushiravan- e Adel
(Khosrow I) always held a great Jashan, on Nowruz day. The mobeds and all the
people of Iran were invited to attend. A poor
woodcutter in a far away village, not knowing of the king’s Royal Jashan, was
very anxious to have a Jashan performed in his meager dwelling. Being too poor
to buy the requisites for the ceremony, he broke down the front door of his
house and sold it as firewood. He requested an old lame priest from a
neighboring village to perform the ritual. Collecting the fresh spring flowers
and some fruits, and carrying the old priest on his own back, he had the Jashan
performed in his own house. He knew naught of the splendor, pomp and ceremony of
the Jashan at the Royal Palace .

In a dream that night, Yazata Sraosha told Anushiravan- e Adel that in
the court of Ahura Mazda it was noted that the jashan performed by a poor
subject of the nation was higher than his Royal Jashan. This strange dream
disturbed the monarch, who ordered his empire searched to find the man who had
not attended the Royal Jashan. His soldiers found the man and brought him,
quaking in his shoes, into the king’s presence. The poor wood-cutter trembling
with fear truthfully narrated that he had merely done his duty as a Zarathushti
to perform a Jashan in his home that day. Anushiravan was a just and merciful
monarch. Instead of punishing the old woodcutter for disobeying the royal
invitation and failing to attend the Royal Jashan, he rewarded him

From Mazdayasni Connection 2006
spring Edition

Courtesy : Firdosh K Sukhia

Patram Pushpam Phalam Toyam Yo Me Bhaktya Prayacchati; Tadaham   Bhaktyupahritamasan ami Prayatatmanah”
Translation:  ” Whoever offers a leaf, a flower, a fruit or even water with devotion, that I accept, offered as it is with a loving heart“. [1]
Courtesy : K.F.Keravala

[1] Lord Krishna, Holy Geeta (Chapter 9 Verse 26.)

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