Endangered vultures hatch in captivity in India

MUMBAI, India — The long-billed vulture, one of the world’s most endangered birds, has been bred in captivity for the first time in India, scientists said Tuesday.

The three chicks that hatched in February and March in a breeding center in northern India belong to one of three species of Asian vultures facing extinction. All of the baby birds had fledged — or taken their first flight by Monday.

The World Conservation Union has listed the three Indian vulture species as critically endangered, the category applied to animals closest to extinction.

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Courtesy : K.F.Keravala


Cow urine Therapy

Cow urine Therapy on different types of diseases  

Click on the link below –   http://www.cowurine .com/index- 2.html    

Mr. Virendra Kumar Jain (Cow Urine Therapist)

Heart of gold to stand up, eye of an eagle to research and a never say die attitude to create awareness makes a man who has re-discovered and promoted the beneficial and outstanding features of cow urine in India.

Mr. Virendra Kumar Jain (Cow Urine Therapist) has found that Cow urine has natural disinfectant and antiseptic qualities. This is unique, as urine from any other species of life is considered impure. The consumption of cow urine as a medicine is one tradition which has been lost and which is so simple and effective and this man has revived the tradition with his hard core dedication and devotion to bring relief to humanity through natural process.

Government of India, the patent office awarded Mr. Virendra Kumar Jain a patent (Patent No.189078) for his discovery and innovation of cow urine therapy & therapeutic ayurvedic composition.

The patent is awarded for various therapeutic ayurvedic composition and prescribed therapy by Mr. Virendra Kumar Jain for Cancer, AIDS, Asthma, Diabetes, Psoriasis, Eczema, Heart Diseases, Hypertension, Piles, Prostate, Liver, Kidney, Female Diseases, Hepatitis, Acidity, Fits, Ulcer, Spleen, Ear, Sexual Disorders, Nose, Eye, Cough & Cold, Migraine, Headache, Gout, Spondylitis, Sciatica and other diseases

Why Cow Urine Therapy
The cow has been the center to the ethos of Indian culture since millennium. Our ancestors were highly aware of the qualities of cow urine. In ancient times it was commonly used to prevent and cure diseases. Many references regarding cow urine therapy in our Holy Scriptures like Ayurveda are available. In Mahabharat era Nakul was known as the famous cow urine therapist. Indians believe that cow urine enhances holiness and purity when spread in courtyard and home. Makes there is need to refocus, in a creative enterprise, on cow as a source of health, wealth and happiness. Cow urine has wonderful properties. It is used in purification of many strong poisons, sub poisons, metals, and sub metals, ras, maharas, and astrologist stones. Poisonous materials become poison less within 3 to 7 days if purified with it according to the Indian method. The following examples show purification of poisonous materials.

Why Indian Cow
All the experiments have been performed on native Indian cow, which has hump on her back, and long fan shaped skin flap below neck. This is the identification of native Indian cow. We believe that hump serves as a pyramid and absorbs cosmic rays from the universe.

Courtesy : Firdosh K Sukhia

Newly Discovered Manuscript of the Shahnama in Lebanon

By Mahmoud Omidsalar

A new and important manuscript of the Shāhnāma, was discovered in 2005 in Beirut, Lebanon.  The volume is generally in good shape, though it has suffered some water and insect damage.  However, fortunately the damage to the actual text of the poem is quite negligible.

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Courtesy : K.F.Keravala


Arms Down! Religions for Peace Youth Summit in Paris on Disarmament for Development

Representatives of 20 organisitions who belong within the Religions for Peace European Interreligious Youth Network gathered in central Paris 25 to 27 June for a summit of the network. The young leaders, who represented Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh organisations, met under the headline Arms Down! Disarm for Development which is also the title of a global Religions for Peace advocacy campaign initiated by its youth groups. The Arms Down! campaign has collected incredible 3 million signatures since its launch in November 2009.

To read the full text please visit http://www.rfp-europe.eu/index.cfm?id=301011

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Jehangir Sarosh says :

“Sorry no Zoroastrians

Do inform me if you know of young Zarathushties interested for future events
With love and peace

Jehangir jehangirsarosh@btconnect.com

Scholarships for Mathematics

The National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) invites applications for the grant of scholarships to students for pursuing studies for MA 1 M.Sc. degree in mathematics.

Eligibility: Applicants must be motivated B. A. / B. Sc. first class degree holders, or students, who have appeared for B. A. / B. Sc. final year examination and expect a bachelors degree with first class, or B.Sc.
(honours) degree holders with at least second class, or students who have appeared for B. Sc. (honours) final year examination and expect a B. Sc. (honours) degree with at least second class. Students who have completed three years of an integrated M. Sc. course with cumulative grades equivalent to first class are eligible to apply. Students with good academic record and who are in M.Sc. (Part-I) or in the fifth year of a 5 year integrated M.Sc. course are also eligible to apply.

Applicants should be below the age of 23 years as on January 1, 2010. Exceptional cases, however, may be considered on merit.

The Scholarship: Successful candidates will be eligible to receive a scholarship of Rs. 6,000/- (Rs. six thousand only) per month, during their two-year (one-year if the student is granted the scholarship during the second year) MA / M. Sc. programme. The scholarships are sanctioned for one year at a time and are renewable at the end of the year, subject to satisfactory progress.
Students who are in M.Sc. (Part-l) or in the fifth year of a 5 year integrated M.Sc. course will get the scholarship only for one year.

To avail of the scholarship the students have to be enrolled in an appropriate institution, in India, for an MA / M.Sc. degree in Mathematics. The scholarship will be paid through the institution they join.

Selection Procedure: Selection will be made on the basis of a written test followed by interview of short-listed candidates. The written test will be held on Saturday, September 25,2010. The questions will be primarily in the areas of Algebra , Analysis and Geometry. The test will be for two and half hours and involve questions with short answers. (Please visit http://www.nbhm.dae.gov.in for question papers for some earlier years.)

The written test will be conducted at the following centres:

Zone 1 : Chandigarh, New Delhi
Zone 2: Allahabad, Indore, Jabalpur

Zone 3: Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Vallabh Vidyanagar

Zone 4 : Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, Ranchi,

Zone 5: Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Hyderabad

How to Apply: Applications on plain paper should be made in the format given at the end of the advertisement.  They should be sent in duplicate along with a recent passport size photograph attached to each copy and a self-addressed envelope to the appropriate person for the Zone in which the candidate wishes to appear for the written test. The envelope containing the application should be super-scribed “NBHM M.A. / M. Sc. Scholarships”. Addresses of persons (zonal coordinators) to whom the applications should be sent, are given below.

Two centers where the candidate could appear for the written test must be clearly indicated giving the order of preference. While it is not guaranteed that a centre of a candidate’s choice will be allotted, every effort will be
made to do so. Under exceptional circumstances, a candidate may allotted a center from the zone, which is not from those indicated by the candidate.

Address for sending completed applications:


Prof. Sudesh KaurKhanduja email: skhand@pu.ac.in
Department of Mathematics, sudeshkaur@yahoo.com
Punjab University, Hans Raj Gupta Hall,

Chandigarh 160014.


Prof. Satya Deo Tripathi, email: vcsdeo@yahoo.com
Harish-Chandra Research Institute, sdeo@mri.ernet.in
Chhatnag Road, Jhusi,

Allahabad 211 019.

Zone 3:

Prof. Nitin Nitsure,  nitsure@math.tifr.res.in
School of Mathematics,
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,

Homi Bhabha Road, Colaba,

Mumbai – 400005.

Zone 4:

Prof. S.C. Bagchi   somesh@isical.ac.in
Stat-Math Unit,

Indian Statistical Institute,

203 B.T. Road,

Kolkata 700108.

Zone 5 :

Prof. S. Kesavan,                 email: kesh@imsc.res.in

Institute of Mathematical Sciences,

C.I.T. Campus, Taramani,

Chennai -600113.


The last date for the receipt of completed applications is Friday, July 30, 2010

A communication calling the applicant for the test (hall ticket), together with allotment of center will be sent so as to reach the candidate by September 6, 2010. In the event of an applicant not receiving a communication regarding the test by the due date, the eligible applicant shall contact the person (zonal coordinator), to whom the application was sent, to find out the status and the appropriate remedial measures.

A hall-ticket sent by a zonal coordinator is normally necessary to appear for the test. In exceptional cases, eligible candidates may be admitted to the test, at the discretion of the centre-in-charge at the appropriate centre. For this purpose, the applicant must contact the centre-in-charge suggested by the
appropriate zonal coordinator. Information about test centres and persons-in-charge may be obtained from the zonal coordinator, NBHM website or by contacting NBHM office (address at the top).

Important Dates:

July 30, 2010: Last date of receiving application

September 6, 2010 : The applicant should contact the zonal coordinator to whom the application was sent, if he/she does not receive a communication about the test (or hall-ticket) by this date.

September 13, 2010 : The applicant must contact the centre suggested by the zonal coordinator if the applicant does not receive a hall ticket by this date.

September 25, 2010 : Date of Written Test.

For further information, please contact msnbhm@dae.gov.in

Scholarships for Minority Communities

Scholarships for Students from Minority Communities:

Students belonging to Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist and Parsi Communities, are eligible for one of the following scholarships :

Pre-metric scholarship for minority community students:

  • Scholarships will be awarded to eligible students of class I to X in government or private schools including residential institutions. Financial assistance includes admission/ tuition fees and maintenance allowance.
  • Students who have scored not less than 50% marks in the previous final examination, and whose parents’ !guardian’s annual income does not exceed Rs.1Iakh, will be eligible for the scholarship

Post-matric scholarship for minority community students

  • Scholarship will be awarded to eligible students of minority communities from class XI upto Ph.D. and technical and vocational courses of ITIs/ ITCs (affiliated With NCVT) of class XI and XII level in government or private higher secondary schools /institutes /colleges/universities
  • including residential institutes. Financial assistance includes admission/tuition fees and maintenance allowance.
    Students who have scored not less than 50% marks in the previous final examination, and whose parents’/ guardian’s annual income does not exceed Rs. 2 lakh, will be eligible for the scholarship.

Merit-cum- means scholarship for minority community students

  • 20,000 new scholarships for technical/professional courses at undergraduate and post graduate level will be awarded every year to meritorious students of minority communities. Financial assistance includes reimbursement of course fees* and maintenance allowance.
  • The annual income of the parents/guardian should not exceed Rs. 2.50 lakh from all sources. Those who have been awarded the scholarship earlier and fulfill the conditions of the scholarship can apply for renewal of scholarship for the year 2010-11.

*Full course fee in case the institute is  listed under the scheme and      Rs. 20,000/- for other institutes

Maulana Azad National Fellowship for minority community students

  • Scholarships will be awarded to students who have been registered for
    regular and full time M.Phil and Ph.D as per UGC norms.
  • Students who have scored at least 50% marks at post-graduate level and whose parents’/guardian’s annual income does not exceed Rs. 2.50 lakh from all sources, are eligible.

• Under each scheme, 30 % of scholarships are earmarked for girls belonging to the minority communities
• Details of the schemes are available on the website of the Ministry of Minority Affairs- www.minorityaffairs.gov.in

• Please look out for the advertisement by your State Government / UT Administration and apply.
• Contact the Department dealing with Minority Welfare in your State I Union Territory.

Jennifer Kotwal – Kannada Actress

Kannada actress Jennifer Kotwal wants to continue to star in entertainment films and not really looking at art films as of now. “Art films are not my scene right now,” the model-turned actress who is currently working in three Kannada films, she said in Bengaluru.

“I love entertaining people,” and looking at films that fitted this genre, Jennifer, who had shot into fame pairing with Shivrajkumar in the Kannada blockbuster Jogi a few years ago, said, “My roles are mainly entertaining roles”, adding that her fans were mainly the GenX kind. “When people go to watch a film they must be assured that even though the film may not be very good, if Jennifer is in it, it must be good fun and entertainment. People should feel it was worth it”, said the Parsi actress.

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Bahman Mah & Events

Baname Khuda!

Dear Zarathushti humdins,
A new month Bahman in the year YZ 1379 has started on  Hormoz roz (15-06-2010).
Today (16-06-10) is Bahman mah, Bahman roj, popularly called Bahman nu parabh. (A parabh day is when the mah and roj are same).
Bahman Ahmeshaspand is connected to the animal kingdom.
Out of respect of Him, many Zoroastrians refrain from eating meat and animal products (including eggs) in this month.
Of course, Bahman mah or otherwise, it is traditionally believed that Zoroastrians are not supposed to eat the meat of animals from the cow kingdom (beef) and pork.
The hamkar days in this month are Bahman roj, Mohor roj, Gosh roj and Ram roj – since these Yazads too fall under the suzerainty of Bahman Ahmeshahspand.
Today is a great day to start reciting one’s Mah Bokhtar Nyaish and then if one has time, one could also recite the Mah Bokhtar, Gosh and Ram Yashts.
Bahman Ahmeshaspand mean Vohu Manah or the Good Mind, which we Zarathushtis are supposed to follow at all times. Human yearnings and human weaknesses find us going more towards Akoman (Bad Mind) these days.
Nevertheless, one who desires the Vohu Manah in himself/herself to be awakened should use this month and pray to Bahman Ahmeshahspand. One can start with the Mah Bokhtar Nyaish, which is one page 92 of the English Khordeh Avesta.  If one prays this prayer devoutly, one gets a lot of peace of mind and clarity of thought. With a peaceful and clear mind, one can surmount all the difficulties one is facing.
There used to be a Bahman Yasht too in Avesta, but it is mentioned that because mankind abused it, it was removed from the human realms. Nowadays what we have is just the Pahlvi version of this prayer. A snippet of a lecture describing this is enclosed as an mp3 file.  Note on Bahman Yasht in Hormazd Yasht – edited
Will there be any special jashans or ceremony on Bahman mah, bah, Bahman mah in agiaries and atash-behrams.
If so, please inform us all.
Here’s wishing the best to all humdins for this month.
I am also attaching some pictures of Gospandi animals, especially the Varasyaji kept at Cama Baug Agiary at Grant Road. If you get some time, do go there and spend some time watching this Noble creature. When you look in His eyes, you will get a glimpse of Divinity.
And the goats (bakris) are located in the same pen as the Varasyajis. Other bakris are from the enclosure at the Anjuman Atashbahram.
The events in this BAHMAN month are:

* Bahman roz,  

Wed 16 June

 Bahman nu Parabh

* Bahman roz,

Wed 16 June

 Ustad Saheb Behramshah Shroff’s baj day

* Dae pa dar roz,

Tue, 22 June

Salgreh of the Ajmer Agiary (Kalianiwalla Daremeher)

* Mohor roz,

Sat 26 June

 Salgreh of the Bhiwandiwalla Adarian (housed with the Anjuman Atashbehram)

* Sarosh roz,

Thur 1 July

 Salgreh of the Cooper & Limboowalla Daremeher at Lahore , Pakistan

* Sarosh roz,

Thur 1 July

 Salgreh of the Readymoney Dadgah in Toothi Agiary

* Behram roz,

Sun 4 July 

 Salgreh of the Lalbaug Agiary

* Behram roz,

Sun 4 July

 Salgreh of the Indawalla Agiary at Dhobhi Talao

* Astad roz,

Sat 10 July

 Kadmi Farvardegan Muktad begin

* Marespand roz,

Tues 13 July

 Kadmi (Din Beh) Mino Marespand Jashan

* Marespand roz,

Tues 13 July

 Salgreh of the Agiary at Madras (Chennai)

With best wishes,
Tehemton B. Adenwalla