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For many years, I have been receiving inquiries from aspiring writers, novelists and poets about publishing their manuscripts. Regretfully, I must reject some of them due to various constraints. Every time I do this, it breaks my heart because I know that the world as a whole misses out on the opportunity to experience the new ideas, stories, and experiences captured in those works.
At the outset of 30th anniversary of my publishing company, 1980-2010,  I have taken the initiative to change this. I am pleased to announce the formation of a new book series, entitled “Premiere Series”, within Blind Owl Press, an imprint of Mazda Publishers, Inc. The aim of the “Premiere Series” is to assist many more promising new writers to get their first works published than was possible before. Although I still have rigorous standards for manuscripts (after all, the purpose of any publishing company is to produce quality works for the public), the “Premiere Series” will relax those standards slightly in order to facilitate the first-time publication of new authors, helping them to establish themselves within the world’s literary body.
Please circulate this announcement among your friends and colleagues interested in becoming published. I would be very happy to personally guide any up-and-coming authors through the framework of my press.
Sincerely yours,
Kamron  A.  Jabbari, Publisher,
Orange County, Southern California
Imprint: Blind Owl Press
Series: “Premiere Series”


  • mehernsh kapadia

    I am happy to read this.

    I am looking forward to working with you.

  • You must take manuscript by email like all others as it is very costly to send from India and also time consuming. By email you can have it in a few minutes.
    Please respond.

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