Sohrab Merwanji Modi

Bollywood Legend…Sohrab Merwanji Modi…From stagecraft to filmcraft


Sohrab Modi (a.k.a Sohrab Merwanji Modi) won the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1980. Join this thread in a tribute to the Bollywood Legend who has shaped the nature of Indian Cinema. A revolutionary journey from the excellence in stage performance to the glowing silver screen.

There was a time many decades ago when Parsi theatre had some of the best talent of the times in each department of stagecraft. As time passed and films became popular, one artiste towered over all the others. He was Sohrab Merwanji Modi. He had an exceptional ability to combine the theatrical elements of Parsi theatre with the demands of film in such a way that they were remembered for the next many generations.

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Courtesy : Cyrus R Bulsara

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