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Akshay Chavan July 2 at 9:00pm

Hi Sir Mehernosh

I am currently doing research on the “Parsi Palaces of Bombay”. The most beautiful palaces in Bombay were built by Parsi royalty like Dubash, Petit and Jeejeebhoy families.

I am looking for information on “Petit Hall”, one of the most beautiful and expensive houses ever built in Mumbai. It is said that when Sir Dinshaw Petit offered it to Maharashtra Govt at Raj Bhawan, they refused saying that they could not afford to maintain such a grand palace!!!!

Do you know anyone who can help me out with information on this palace? Any of your parsi friends?

There is a book called “Zorastrian Trapistery” By any chance do you have that book?

Akshay Chavan


  • I have a little bit of information about the Parsi palaces of Mumbai. Please give your email address.

  • Petit Hall — the house of Maneckji Petit and his descendants — is long gone. It used to be located on Nepean Sea Road, if I remember correctly what I was told last year, and was demolished in the 60s or 70s to make way for some highrise constructions. The Petits had hosted a party for Mahatma Gandhi at their house when Gandhi returned to India in 1915 from South Africa.

    Dinyar Patel

    • My family was close to Sylla Dinshaw Petit (Tata), Janghir Tata, Rodabeh Sawhny (Tata), Darab Tata, Jimy Tata.
      I personnaly visited Petit Hall in the summer 1967 just before it was demolished.
      One of my uncle still living in the south of France lived 6 month at Petit Hall invited by Sylla Tata.
      I know quite well This branch of the family. Unfortunatly except for Sylla they did not have any child. Sylla had a daughter Dina who live in England and I think has children and Nusly who is dead has two sons. I think they live in Mombai but are too young to have known Petit Hall
      If you whan to contact me my mail is

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