83rd Baj of Ustad Saheb Behramshah N. Shorff

Roj Dae-pa-Din Mah Bahman, 1379Yz.

Today, July 7, 2010 marks the 83rd death anniversary of our beloved Master, Ustad Saheb Behramshah Nowroji Shroff. Ceremonies to mark this occasion are taking place not only in the Ustad Saheb Behramshah Nowroji Shroff Daremeher at Jogeshwari, but also in various Agiaries and Atash Behrams throughout India. That a person is remembered so many years after his death with such reverence and awe is in itself a miracle. We have seen glimpses of his rich and chequered life in our series through the last year. I intend to bring out this series on his life in a book form so that more of our community may know the real facts behind this most amazing person.

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Courtesy : Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram

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  • Given below are the list of ceremonies which will be performed in different Paak Agiaries and Paak AtashBehram Sahebs, in the loving memory of Ustad Saheb Behramshah Navroji Shroff on 7th July 2010.

    1) Havan Geh Machi at Paak Boyce Agiary(Tardeo) and Paak Behram Baugh Agiary (Jogeshwari) .

    2) After Havan ni Machi , Baaj,Afringaan, Farokshi, Satum ceremonies will be performed at Paak Boyce Agiary and Paak Behram Baugh Agiary.

    3) Jashan at 10 o’clock at Paak Behram Baugh Agiary,followed by a talk by Ervad Marzban Hathiram.

    4)Biji Havan Machi at Paak Behram Baugh Agiary.

    5)Ujirin Geh Machi at Paak Dadyseth AtashBehram Saheb and Paak Behram Baugh Agiary.

    6) Jashan at Cama Baugh Agairy at 4.45pm,followed by a talk at 6.15 pm by Dasturji Kaikhusroo N Dastoor MeherjiRana.

    7)Avisuthrem Geh and Ushain Geh Machi at Paak Behram Baugh Agiary.

    Courtesy : K.F.Keravala

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