Asfandard Mah

Asfandard … the last month has started … YZ 1379

Monday, 19 July, 2010 8:49 AM

 Baname Khuda!

 Dear Zarathushti humdins,

 We have entered the last month of the Zarathushti calendar, Asfandard (or Asfandarmad) .

 This is in honour of Spenta Armaity, the fifth Ahmeshaspand of the Zarathushti din.

Spenta Armaity is also honoured on the 3rd Gatha day – Spentomard.

Spenta Armaity presides over Earth ( … just as Ahura Mazda presides over the human kingdom, Bahman Ahmeshpand presides over animal kingdom, Ardibehest over Fire, etc)
Spenta Armaity also means (Divine) Love and Piety or Devotion.
Spenta Armaity teaches us to be humble, not in a doormat-ish way, but filled with humility so that we listen to our Sarosh (voice of conscience) and implicitly do the Will of God.
The opposite of Armaity (obedience) is Taromaity (disobedience to the will of God)
There is of course, strength in humility. There is moral strength in following God’s will.
What is meant by following the Will of God, Ahura Mazda. It is any thought, word and deed which brings us in harmony with God’s Laws of Righteousness.
The hamkar rojs for the month of Asfandarmad are:
Day 5 – Asfandarmad (parabh day)
Day 10 – Avan
Day 24 – Din
Day 25 – Ashishavang
Day 29 – Marespand

We have enclosed an audio clip, which is a snippet of a lecture on Spenta Armaity. The language used is, of course, Gujarati; not academic, but easy to understand day-to-day version of Gujarati. 

Click here Spenta Armaity clip 1
Wishing all our readers the best of spiritual progress for this month and may Spenta Armaity bring true devotion and humility to all.

 The important days and Salgrehs in this month are:

* Hormuz roj: Thurs, 15 July – Salgreh of Unwalla Dadgah, Nanpura, Surat

* Ardibehest roj: Sat, 15 July – Salgreh of Chenai Anjuman Daremeher at Secunderabad

* Adar roj: Fri, 23 July – Salgreh of Viccaji Meherji Daremeher, Sholapur

* Sarosh roj, Sat 31 July – Salgreh of Kharasvad Agiary, Bharuch

* Behram roj, Tue 3 Aug – Salgreh of Sonaiji Agiary, Gowalia Tank

* Behram roj, Tue 3 Aug – Salgreh of Aslaji Agiary, Grant Road

* Behram roj, Tue 3 Aug – Salgreh of Viccaji Meherji Daremeher, Secunderabad

* Govad roj, Thurs 5 Aug – Salgreh of Dadiseth ATASHBEHRAM, Charni Road

* Govad roj, Thurs 5 Aug – Salgreh of Dadiseth Agiary, Fort

* Govad roj, Thurs 5 Aug – Salgreh of Mehalla Patel Agiary, Grant Road

* Govad roj, Thurs 5 Aug – Salgreh of Batliwalla Dadgah, Rustampura, Surat

* Ashishvang roj, Sun 8 Aug – Salgreh of C B Banaji Adarian, Charni Road

* Ashtad roj, Mon 9 Aug – The 10 day Muktad period starts

 With best wishes,

Tehemton B. Adenwalla

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