Persian Poetry

Dear Mahjubah: As-Salam Alaikom!

This is Prof. M.S. TAJAR in Manila (Philippines), the translator of the Persian Sufi, Baba Taher’s poems into English and Filipino (published by Al-Hoda, in Iran).

I thank you for your beautiful article about my beloved ideal poetess “Parvin” E’tesami (the best poetess in Persian History, and the best of the Middle East, Asia, and one of the best in the world). May her soul rest in peace, and may she also join with Blessed Fatimah Zahra (A.S.) in Heaven! (=Sayyidato Nisa-e Ahlil Jannah).

And here is my own little dedication, as a small guy in the field of Persian poetry, to the memory of our beloved “Parvin”:


پروین که افتخارِِِ زنان سخنور است

درآسمان شعر تو گوئی که” انور” است

تنها  نه شاعرات  جهان مفتخر از او

“پروین” کهکشان هم از او به مفخر است!

د.صادقی طجر-مانیل 2010


“Parvin” brought honor to all the women of literature;

In the sky of poetry she shines like “Anvari” (the classic Persian poet);

Not only the women poetess of the world are proud of her;

Even the planet Parvin (=Pleides ) is proud of her namesake!”

Dr. Saadeqi Tajar- Manila, 2010

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