2000-year-old Parthian Anahita temple in Hamadan destroyed

LONDON, (CAIS) —  Remains of a Parthian dynastic edifice located on the hilltop of Mosalla tappeh (archaeological mound) was flattened to prepare the ground for the construction of a Mosalla[1]

The news of the destruction of Iranian heritage has angered the nation, particularly the cultural figures and heritage enthusiasts. 

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Shayan Italia

Shayan ItaliaShayan Italia, better known by his stage name SHAYAN, is an Indian born up-and-coming International multi-award winning singer/songwriter. Being a Zoroastrian, his background is the same as that of the late great Freddie Mercury of Queen. Discovered in 2009 by the legendary interviewer Sir David Frost, recording for the album ‘Armour Of Love’ started on 23 September 2009 and finished on 01 June 2010. The album was recorded at Air Studios, Metropolis Studios, Pinewood Studios and Mayfair Studios in London. The album features 135 of some of the most talented musicians, vocalists, engineers, arrangers and multi-Grammy, Emmy and Brit award winning production teams in the business today. The entire album is written, arranged, produced and performed by SHAYAN.

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Zoroastrian Etiquette – 5

Adil F. Rangoonwalla has come out with a wonderful book on Zoroastrian Etiquette. The book includes explanation of Kusti Prayers, Atash Niyaesh, Hoshbam and Chithrem Buyaad. The book is available at Parsiana Publications.

Mr. Adil F. Rangoonwalla has kindly consented to upload excerpts from the book for the benefit of the Community at large.

Chapter 5 on Sudreh – the Sacred Shirt is uploaded herewith.

Enjoy and post your comments.

Parsi Youth Tech Savvy

Date with Parsis – Janaki Viswanathan

Date: 2010-08-29

Place: Mumbai – Sunday Mid-day

The new saviours of a 3,500 year-old faith are hip and tech-savvy. Parsi-Zoroastrian youngsters are using Facebook, speed dating, and paintball competitions to meet, make merry and perhaps marry.

Internet can save the faith
Zyng isn’t the only youth connect forum. Mumbai entrepreneur Yazdi Tantra runs three websites for Zoroastrians to connect, share views and stay in touch: http://www.theparsidirectory.com/, http://www.themissingparsi.com/, and http://www.zoroastrians.net/.

“Lectures about the religion, and periodicals are pass ©. The Internet is the best and easiest way to bring together Parsi youth scattered across the world,” says Tantra, 55, who runs a computer consultancy. Earlier, he says, when a certain region had a large number of Parsis, they would come together to form an ‘anjuman’ or group. “Now, they come together virtually. It’s convenient.”

As we speak, Tantra receives a phone call from Dubai. It’s from a young Parsi lady who needs assistants to work on her nursery in Mumbai. His network will help her connect with Parsi youth recruits in no time.
Marriages and social meetings aside, youngsters are rediscovering a lost trait their forefathers were famous for: a knack for business. Gotla, 24, who trained to become a commercial pilot, now runs his own T-shirt manufacturing enterprise. Inspired durring his time in the UK, he noticed all the t shirt printing london had going on and decided to take a swing at it. He was encouraged by the World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC), which he also works for. Freyaz Shroff, who heads the youth wing of WZCC, says training and development, networking and exposure is their aim.

Speed networking, the business angle to speed dating, is what caught everyone’s fancy. Held just like any other speed dating event, the session saw youngsters share business ideas too. WZCC has a Facebook page and an active website that also occasionally helps Parsi youth land jobs across India and abroad.

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Memories of Dahanu Road

For the last seven years, a boy of Indian origin and Iranian blood, Anosh Irani, had been the centre of Canadian readers’ interest. With his first novel “The Cripple and His Talismans” (Raincoast Books, U.K.) in 2006, followed by “The Song of Kahunsa” (publisher Anchor Canada), Anosh grabbed Canadian eyeballs. The latter got published in 13 countries and was a bestseller in Canada and Italy.

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Courtesy : K F Keravala

Nowrouz festival of 2011 will be held in Persepolis

< It was in this interview that Mr. Mirza revealed for the first time that the Tajikistani President Emomali Rahmon has formally asked his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the Nowrouz festival of 2011 be held in Persepolis which is actually the native soil of Nowrouz.
Nowrouz is a set of ancient festivities held at the beginning of vernal equinox to mark the commencement of new solar year.>

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Baimai Surti Foundation – 2010 Report.

Address:  Cummer Lodge (Room 264N), 205 Cummer Ave., Toronto Ontario, M2M 2E8 – CANADA. 

In 1988, ‘Baimai Surti Foundation’ was Registered in Canada by Mr. Dhunjishaw Surti as a Charitable Trust,      with the express purpose of helping the needy & dispossessed members of our community with assistance, which would allow the person or families to get their life under control by being productive members of the society, thus creating financial stability in their lives.

With this concept firmly entrenched in the Charter of the Foundation, all contributions received by the Trust Fund are 100% applied towards relieving poverty through small business start-up funds, medical & poverty assistance for the needy, education grants for promising students and for disaster relief programs.

All those who are associated with the Fund’s operation and administration, provide their services without any financial compensation or gain, to achieve these objectives.

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Courtesy : E J Kanga / Behram Pastakia

Appeal for Flood relief in Pakistan

Dear Friends

So far I had hesitated in collecting funds for this major major  disaster as there are just too many individuals trying to do their bit.

 However two days ago I heard that SIUT – Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation – a well organised and respected body in this country and elsewhere have set up their own camps in all 4 provinces of Pakistan to render immediate medical help which is required desperately. Unfortunately everything is needed and the situation is dire. I have spoken to the second in command Dr Anwer Naqvi who actually is the man running SIUT, and am fully satisfied. I can vouch  100% for SIUT, that is all I can say, as they run their hospitals  free of charge irrespective of who can pay and so far totally  corruption free.

 I am attaching the flyer that has been put together by me and if you  would inform the Perth community and others we would appreciate it.  They can send their contributions to your centre and when there is a  substantial amount, you may send the cheque to my account direct  through your bank.

Many thanks.


Dear friends

See note above from Toxy Cowasjee

The fortunes of happiness and prosperity are indeed blessed upon us, and  yet  there is so much suffering happening to our less fortunate brethren and  humanity.

 Please share a thought and donate generously. You may wish to pass on this  e-mail to your friends and family. I urge associations and groups to  fund-raise.

 I have known Toxy for a long time- she lives in Karachi and is the vice  chair of WZO. Toxy was indeed the person on  the ground during the devastating earthquake-2005 in Pakistan raising much  needed  funds and visiting those affected areas – distributing aid.

Attached WZO relief appeal. The need of the hour is to keep people alive  through medication and medical supplies. Food and clothing will be useless  if we cannot keep them alive.
WZO appeal for Pak Flood Relief
With hope and dignity for everyone
 love and cheers
 Jehangir R Mehta

L&T Scholarships

Larsen & Toubro
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Larsen & Toubro, a Mumbai-based engineering company that builds airports, power projects and other infrastructure, offers Build India Scholarships for students who want to pursue a master’s degree in construction technology and management. The program produces 50 to 60 graduates a year, who are hired by the company.

Courtesy : Behram Pastakia