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Dear Friends,

Dr. Homi Dhalla, the Founder-President of World Zarathushti Cultural Foundation, has taken immense pains to initiate gigantic efforts to Preserve and Save the Bahrot Caves as a precious heritage structure since the last several years.

In a first of its kind, he has now initiated an online signature campaign, to be submitted to the Director-General, Archaeological Survey of India, to step up efforts in that direction. You can read the petition at, and if you agree to the contents, you may sign it online. It just takes a minute to sign and forward the same to your friends and relatives.

Please do spread the word and take action now !

Watch this brief video of the state of the BAHROT CAVES

Bahrot is located 20 km south of Sanjaan. Around 1351 AD our brave Zarathosti ancestors hid for 13 years in these mountains from Muslim invaders. The ‘Iranshah Flame’ was also moved to Bahrot during this period. Even today, the Holy Fire is burning and it is given the most eminent grade of devoted fire in the world.


Sanjan……………..669 years
Bahrot Caves……12 years (1393 – 1405 AD)
Vansda Forest……14 years (1405 – 1418 AD)
Navsari…………….313 years (1419 – 1732 AD)
Surat……………………3 years (1733 – 1736 AD)
Navsari………………..5  years (1736 – 1741 AD)
Valsad…………………1  year   (1741 – 1742 AD)
Udvada…………….267 years (October 28,1742 to-date)

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  • Cyrus S. Saiwalla

    Zoroastrians should full extend their support to Dr. Homi Dhalla, for his initiative to preserving our priceless caves of Bahrot, where, Shriji. Pak Iranshah was enthroned by our pious priests for 12 years. Was it not a miracle and untiring efforts put by our pious priests ? To-day, in our petitoin, we request the ASI to provide food and water for our pilgrims, visiting the caves with great effort.
    But, Zoroastrians should ponder their thoughts, how our pious priests had preserved Shriji Pak Iranshah in the caves. Who had supplied the water and food for 12 long years ?
    This is the lesson to each & every Zoroastrian. Keep full faith in our Zarathosti religion and resolve yourself that I only believe in Vakshur-e – Vakhshuran Asho Spitam Zarathustra as my Prophet and no one else.
    Zarathosti Din shad Bad

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