Appeal for Flood relief in Pakistan

Dear Friends

So far I had hesitated in collecting funds for this major major  disaster as there are just too many individuals trying to do their bit.

 However two days ago I heard that SIUT – Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation – a well organised and respected body in this country and elsewhere have set up their own camps in all 4 provinces of Pakistan to render immediate medical help which is required desperately. Unfortunately everything is needed and the situation is dire. I have spoken to the second in command Dr Anwer Naqvi who actually is the man running SIUT, and am fully satisfied. I can vouch  100% for SIUT, that is all I can say, as they run their hospitals  free of charge irrespective of who can pay and so far totally  corruption free.

 I am attaching the flyer that has been put together by me and if you  would inform the Perth community and others we would appreciate it.  They can send their contributions to your centre and when there is a  substantial amount, you may send the cheque to my account direct  through your bank.

Many thanks.


Dear friends

See note above from Toxy Cowasjee

The fortunes of happiness and prosperity are indeed blessed upon us, and  yet  there is so much suffering happening to our less fortunate brethren and  humanity.

 Please share a thought and donate generously. You may wish to pass on this  e-mail to your friends and family. I urge associations and groups to  fund-raise.

 I have known Toxy for a long time- she lives in Karachi and is the vice  chair of WZO. Toxy was indeed the person on  the ground during the devastating earthquake-2005 in Pakistan raising much  needed  funds and visiting those affected areas – distributing aid.

Attached WZO relief appeal. The need of the hour is to keep people alive  through medication and medical supplies. Food and clothing will be useless  if we cannot keep them alive.
WZO appeal for Pak Flood Relief
With hope and dignity for everyone
 love and cheers
 Jehangir R Mehta

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