Mani Rao – Home Fragrances

The primary objective of A & A Enterprises Inc has been on home fragrance products focusing on spa, therapy, yoga, and wellness products which have its roots through Ayurveda from India. The company is based on the concept of delivering very good products that we have. Our products and fragrances are made with essential oils which are more natural and preferred for their aromatic, therapeutic and insect-repelling properties. Our products are based on Aromatherapy

We have products under Elements of life, i.e., based on four elements fire, earth, air, and water. Bring Spa Home, for the stillness of the soul. Sapthachakra which enhances the seven chakras of the body. Aromatic candles; Nothing can be more relaxing than the flicker of candle flame in a dimly lit room to add to the ambience. Our fragrances are made in India, who is a leading creator and manufacturer of fragrances from decades. We have unmatched expertise in aroma technology and that is reflected in our innovative and wide product variety and an ever growing market of loyal customers around the world.

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