Zarathushtis at the UN – Advance Global Health

Zarathushtis at the United Nations

FEZANA in collaboration with the Zoroastrian Association of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia and Ashta No Kai, a Non-Governmental Organization in western India, presented a workshop at the 63rd Annual DPI/NGO conference on 1st September 2010.

Marking the first day of spring in the Southern Hemisphere, a Haft Sheen Table, wishing good health and happiness to all, was displayed at the workshop, thanks to close collaboration and support from Zarathushtis in the Australian diaspora.

The entire conference proceedings, photos, webcasts and media coverage with links are available at : 

The Declaration arrived at by conference participants  forwarded  for consideration by member states of the United Nations convening  at the UN Headquarters later this month is appended here.. Zarathushtis at the UN – Advance Global Health


Behram Pastakia

Metropolitan Washington DC

6 September 2010

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