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The K R Cama Oriental Institute organised a function on 15th September 2010 at the Palamkote Hall in Dadar which 150 people attended to witness the release of the book “Baj-dharna (Dron Yasht)” authored by Ervad Dr Ramiyar Parvez Karanjia.

Dasturji Dr. Peshotan H Mirza released the book and Dasturji Khurshedji Kekobad Dastur graced the occasion.

Whilst welcoming the guests, Mr. Muncherji N M Cama, President of the K R Cama Oriental Institute expressed his pleasure over being associated with the publication of this book. Such books he emphasised, were the need of the day and expressed the hope that this book may be used not only as a text book for Madressas in India, as a reference book for foreign scholars, but also by all those wanting to learn more about this very important religious ritual. 

Thereafter, Ervad Dr Ramiyar P Karanjia addressed the gathering. He expressed gratitude to the K R Cama Oriental Institute for publishing this book. He also acknowledged with gratitude the contribution of all those who helped in the making of this book at various levels like financial, scholastic as well as ideas. 

He then briefly spoke about the book “Baj-dharna (Dron Yasht)”, which contains the history, performance, text and translation of this ancient Zoroastrian ritual for consecration and commemoration. He especially thanked Dr Michael Stausberg who had put the germ of the book in his mind almost 12 years back and then assisted him at every step till the publication of his work. The major part of the work of this book was done as a research fellow at Uppsala University in Sweden and Heidelberg ground-breaking in Germany. Thereafter Dr Karanjia gave a preview of the 5 chapters of the book by speaking about the unique and ground-breaking ideas expressed in the book. 

Dasturji Khurshed K. Dastur, while addressing the gathering, said that there was a lot of ignorance about our rituals among the laity and it is for this reason that the rituals are often mocked at and the finer points to be observed vis-a-vis the rituals and ritual requisites are not being observed. As an instance he cited that the sacred and consecrated Darun does not get the ritualistic respect it deserves. People often bite it instead of breaking and eating it. He expressed pleasure at the publishing of this book and hoped that it will fill the long felt need among the priests and the laity of the community by educating them about the salient points of the ritual. 

The book was then released at the hands of Dasturji Dr. Peshotan Mirza. Dasturji Mirza thereafter spoke eloquently and in depth about the Baj-dharna ritual. He started with the idea of prayer and ritual as mentioned in the Avesta and Pahlavi texts. He then explained the performance of the Baj-dharna ritual often comparing aspects of it with other rituals like the Yasna and Vendidad. He spoke at length about certain ritual implements like the Barsom and requisites like the Darun. He expressed the desire that the book get wide publicity in the community, that its author be successful in his life, and may go on to write many such useful books.

The book priced at Rs. 800/- is available from the K R Cama Oriental Institute, 136, Bombay Samachar Marg, Fort, Bombay 400023 (email idkrcamaoi@hotmail. com

Courtesy : Cy Bulsara


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