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The 7 Ameshaspentas

The Seven Ameshaspentas in our Zoroastrian religión are :


1) Vohu Manah (Vohu Mano, Vohuman): Animals

2) Asha Vahishta (Ardwahisht): Fire

3) Khshathra Vairya (Shahrewar): Sky & Metals

4) Spenta Armaiti (Spandarmad): Earth

5) Haurvatat (Hordad): Waters

6) Ameretat (Amurdad): Plants

7) Spenta Mainyu* : Human Beings


Click below to learn what they symbolise and see their picturesque representation.

The 7 Ameshaspentas 

Courtesy : Jehan / Jehangir P. Gilder

19th All India Zoroastrian Youth Meet

19th All India Zoroastrian Youth Meet’ in Vadodara

on 6th, 7th & 8th of November 2010.

The meet is to be held at the international campus of “Ambe School”, Sama Savli Road Vadodara.

The meet is hosted by

BUZY (Baroda United Zoroastrian youth) 

Under the auspices of

FOZYA (The Federation of Zoroastrian Youth Associations).

Please send this mail to all the Fellow Zoroastrians,

 For Further Information please contact the following 

President – Fozya: Mr.Mabrin N Nanavatti 09822000433 –


Vadodara:       Janet Contractor        09898500146 &         Dilshad Patell 09824233122

Mumbai: Yazsdin Mistry 09819100468

Ahmedabad:   Ariz Bokdawala         09825285549

 or get in touch with us @ Facebook or


 Click here for the Registeration Form …19th All India Youth Meet_Regn Form 

Courtesy : Mabrin Nanavati

Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarships

We would like to inform you about NIIT’s 20th Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarships [BJS] for GNIIT. Being a BJS Scholar will help you qualify for the best IT jobs and make your resume directly available to top IT companies, apart from giving you a sense of accomplishment about partially funding your education. Over the last 19 years, our BJS Scholars have created a mark for themselves in the IT Industry & most of them today are recruiters of NIIT students

Apply for Bhavishya Jyoti and prove your worth. Click here to know more.

Practicing Avesta Manthras for Urvaan’s Progression

by Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

Our religion is full of mystics and allegories unknown to the western world. Every Zarathustri, whether he is Harvard or Columbia graduate (Ph.D.), he/ she is no more than a student of our religion. With this idea in mind one should explore the mystic nature of HIS messages, with open mind and willingness to learn from others. There are many so-called Avesta scholars who depend on the Avesta grammar and dictionary to analyze a term or event in our prayer that has highly allegorical explanation, much beyond human capability to interpret with linguistic exercises. A difference between a western scholar and Priest can be explained with an allegory – a scholar tries to understand the ingredients of food whereas, a Priest knows how, when and why it has to be digested. Now tell me, who would you believe and follow?

Click here to continue reading….Practicing Avesta Manthras for Urvaan’s Progression

RBI Young Scholars Award Scheme


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched the RBI Young Scholars Award Scheme to generate interest in and awareness about the Indian banking sector and RBI. Under the Scheme, the RBI will select a maximum of 150 young scholars through a countrywide competitive examination and award scholarship. Selection test will focus on the role and functions of RBI and banks in India and will be held in English as well as in all major regional languages. Selected candidates will be required to work on projects in select
offices of RBI for 2 to 3 months and will be paid a consolidated stipend of Rs. 7500/- per month during the duration of the project. RBI will assist outstation awardees in boarding and lodging. The awardees shall have no
righ / claim for an appointment in the RBI. Any candidate who had qualified and worked at RBI under the RBI Young Scholars Award Scheme in any of the previous years are not eligible to apply again.

All students, between 18 and 23 years of age, currently pursuing their undergraduate studies in any subject under any recognized university in India, are eligible to take the competitive examination. There is no application fee.
The selection test will be held on January 9, 2011 at various centres across India.. The results of the selection test are likely to be announced in the
middle of March 2011. Desirous candidates may submit applications to Project Co-ordinator, RBI Young Scholars Award Scheme, Project No.
9277, Post Box No. 7639, Malad (West), Mumbai 400 064 (Online by 14/10/2010 & offline by 22/1 01201 0). Further details on the
RBI Young Scholars Award Scheme are available on RBI Website under the
link: and also in the ‘Employment News’ and ‘Rozgar Samachar’.

Meeting for families of persons with special needs

Meeting for families of persons with special needs – BPP – Sun, 19 Sep 2010

Dear Friends,

Please forward this message to all your Parsi friends and contacts.

This is a notice about a meeting organised by the BPP,  on Sunday 19th September, at Bharucha Baug Hall, for families of persons with special needs.

BPP Meeting_19Sep10

Thank you for helping to spread the word about this important meeting.

Warm regards,
Kashmira A. Kakalia

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