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Hormuzd Masani

Hormuzd Masani of ABC India re-elected to the IFABC Executive Board and as President of APABC

At the general assembly of International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations (IFABC) held recently at Seoul, Korea, Hormuzd Masani was re-elected to the Executive Board of IFABC for a further term of two years. He was also re-elected as the treasurer of IFABC. Other members on the IFABC Executive Board besides India are representatives from member Bureau from Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain and United Kingdom.

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Boonak Pasbani and DeenChasidari

The need of the Hour for Parsi Community Boonak Pasbani and DeenChasidari

By Late Jehangirji Sohrabji Chiniwala (originally written in Gujarati)

Dini Avaz January – February 1979 Volume 4 – No.1
Reprinted from Parsee Avaz dated 13th February, 1972

Asha means Divine Order which is the irrefutable Law existing in nature. Earth is not permanent residence of mankind. He only takes birth on this earth for his spiritual evolution and thereby to achieve salvation in the end. The span of his life on this earth is dependent on number of breath force in his destiny and he finally leaves this earth after his physical death. All religion of this world teaches that man has descended on this earth only for his spiritual evolution (Ruvan Bokhtagi) which is his final goal.  More… 

Courtesy : Firdosh Sukhia

My First Zoroastrian Prayer Book

A delightful book for little children, with Navjote prayers.
“My First Zoroastrian Prayer Book” by Jamshed Rivetna with illustrations by Ava Mehta. This glossy, hard cover volume, with full-color illustrations, presents the story of Zarathushtra, the teachings of the religion, the navjote ceremony, and all the Navjote prayers with meanings, in simple language for children.
Excellent for teaching navjote prayers and for children’s religious classes. Makes great bedtime reading – a wonderful family gift.

Click Here to read the book online. Printed copies are available in India from Parsiana Book Shop in Mumbai (tel: 2207 4335). Outside India, it is available from Roshan Rivetna at

New Travel Pics Site

I have launched a travel and tourism photograhy webiste named and the same was launched on Sep 27, 2010 World Tourism Day.
It covers certain regions of India and also International destinations.
There is good coverage of Maharashtra, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Ganpatipule, Ahmadnagar, Boisar, Silvassa, Karnataka, TamilNadu, Goa, etc
As an add on it has Cricketing stars and music stars of the 80’s autographs of some stars and nature and abstract photographs too.
The govt. is going to give a great impetus to tourism and infrastructure in India for the next 10 years.
The idea is to sustain and enhance this site and add on new destinations by receiving advertising on the spaces that are available on various pages.
By visiting this site, the community can view the pictures, as they have one line or paragraph descriptions of each picture and its story. Do visit the Mumbai, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal pages, as a picture tells you more than what thousand words would.
Kind regards Adi Daruwalla.