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October 21, 2010

The Udvada Samast Anjuman would like to inform community members all over the world, about the possible threat that our sacred Shreeji Pak Iranshah is presently facing.

The tenure of a huge plot of land, around 200 acres, situated directly behind our most sacred Shreeji Pak Iranshah Atashbehram is in the process of being changed from Agriculture to Non-Agriculture, after which it is proposed to set up an Industrial Estate / redevelopment of residential colonies. If this change of tenure is permitted and an Industrial Estate is allowed to be established in the vicinity of Shreeji Pak Iranshah Atashbehram it will completely destroy the sanctity of our holiest place of worship.

It is hoped that members of the community, irrespective of their ideologies will unite for the common cause of protecting our venerated Shreeji Pak Iranshah.

May Shreeji Pak Iranshah continue to reign in splendour and continue to shower His blessings on all in our community for eternity.

For & on behalf of
Udvada Samast Anjuman,
Dasturji Khurshed K. Dastoor

Click Here to view the Full Petition to Chief Minister of Gujarat and Sign and Support the same.

Lecture on Lifestyle Changes

Lecture on Lifestyle Changes for a Healthy Future by Dr Zinobia Madan

Good healthy living involves a holistic healthcare approach practicing appropriate dietary habits, exercising regularly, coping with daily stress and an overall lifestyle management to the disease. This presentation will discuss effective lifestyle tips such as diet, yoga, fitness, for all age groups, as in today’s stressful lifestyle, these  valuable suggestions go a long way in shaping a healthy future. In addition, several of the chronic diseases which are related to aging and inappropriate lifestyle, and how appropriate lifestyle measures practised regularly complement the use of such efficacious and safe therapeutic medicines in overall improvement of the patient’s disease condition, in both prevention and treatment of several diseases and disorders will be discussed.

The speaker is Dr Zinobia Madan,  currently the Founder & Managing Director, ClinOma Healthcare. With more than 20 years of experience in the Healthcare & Pharma Industry, & in the role of Medical Director of a large multinational Pharma company, she contributed to several successful clinical research projects & introduction of novel healthcare and nutritional products. After being awarded PhD for original cardio-vascular research work at Jaslok Hospital, she was awarded MAMS, FIMSA & FICN, in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field of Medical Sciences & Nutrition. She is a member of several medical and research societies in India and has presented & published papers at several national and international conferences.
The lecture will be held on Tuesday 26th October, 2010 at 5.45 p.m. at Lincoln Auditorium, Indo-American Society, 5. D.Sukhadwala Marg, Next to New Excelsior Theatre, Fort, Mumbai 400 001.
Call Indo-American Society on 2207 4882 / 4883 for further information.

Click Here for Invitation