India opens restaurant for vultures

Deep in the wildlife sanctuary, a swath of grasslands opens onto a clearing so dry the ground looks covered in yellow hay. In the middle of the clearing, leftover cow teeth, hooves and bones are strewn about. We have arrived, the forest officials say, at India’s vulture restaurant.

Click Here for the full story by By Hanna Ingber Win — GlobalPost


  • Yasmine Jalnawala

    This is a great effort. I fully support the cause. I am sure little by little it will help the environment.

  • I fully support this effort. Also more needs to be done to educate farmers; perhaps provide them with some environmentally safe veterinary medicine alternative? Perhaps some more of the Parsi community can more directly assist with this important endeavor.

  • we also want to open restaurant for vultures. pls help me to how we will open it . any body help our socity pls tell me in details

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