4 books by Dr.Cawas Pirojshah Gotlaseth

4 ilm e kshnoomn books written by Late  Dr.Cawas Pirojshah Gotlaseth(Homeopath) are online at Frashogard Skydrive.
Dr.Gotlaseth was student of ilm e kshnoomn and a close friend of the Chiniwala Brothers(Dr.Saheb Faramroze and Jehangirji).The online books are as given below;
1) Aabdar Goharo (lecture notes taken by Dr.Gotlaseth of lectures given by Jehangirji Sohrabji Chiniwala)
2) Rojinda Vyvaharma ilm e kshnoomn nu marg darshan. ( Practical day to day life questions asked by Dr.Gotlaseth to Dr.Saheb Faramroze S Chiniwala)
3) Shreeji Paak Iranshah. ( details regarding Shreeji Paak Iranshah AtashBehram Saheb as given by Ustad Saheb Behramshah Navroji Shroff )
4) Shah Behram Varzavand – Saviour of the world in the future.
All these books are excellent and a must read for all students of our Religion.
To download these books please click the URL given below.

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