First Traditional Dadgah in the Western World

My friend, Aspi Colah has been spearheading the MYZD Group – have a look at the website –

Also the video is ready for your viewing pleasure…so crank up the volume and enjoy.
For those of you who still have the fire within you still smoldering with passion…this will make the hair on your back stand up.


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  • Hello Sir,

    Wonderful idea to build the first Dadgah in the western world. Would like to visit it someday, God willing. Just curious as to why would the ATASH Saheb be placed in the tail section of the Asho Farohar. Is the tail section not representative of the physical body and thus getting rid of the bad thoughts, bad words and bad deeds? In my humble opinion, perhaps the digging of the well would be better fitted in that section to symbolically wash away the spiritual uncleanliness within oneself. Just a thought! Thank you.

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