Global Working Group

The Coming Together Round Table (CTR), a legacy of the 8th World Zoroastrian Congress (WZC) at London, now renamed the Global Working Group, met in Mumbai on 8 and 9 January 2011, with elected community representatives from Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA), Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe (ZTFE), Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) / Federation of Parsee Zoroastrian anjumans of India (FPZAI) and representatives of United Arab Emirates (UAE), World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce (WZCC) and others, including special invitees. The meeting was a follow-up emanating from the 9th WZC held in Dubai in December 2009.

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  • Its a great initiative ..keep it up..hat’s off Dinshaw Mehta & his team for joining this initiative. Next on the agenda should be our Mumbai Dokhma…without vultures & relying on solar to decay our loved dead ones & ozone is not the right method of disposal..our so called high priests should be shown the state of the bodies at the dokhma…we need a new cremation system in parallel to our existing one as options for Mumbai Parsis to decide electric crematorium is the next best option..will someone show guts to stand up and get this optional.I repeat optional system discussed/brain stormed/implemented..we have enough space at doongerwadi to accomodate this new system…its time to be progressive rather than just traditional as the electrical crematorium system was never thought of by our forefathers when our religion originiated…any thoughts howsoever critical are welcome.

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