My name is Ader Gandi and I live in San Francisco, California, USA. My email address is

I, along with Yazdi Tantra in Bombay, started on January 18, 2011.

Our idea behind the is simple: use the power of the Internet to help fellow Parsis and Zoroastrians connect with each other at organized events worldwide.

This idea came to me as a result of the many times I would read or hear about a Parsi Zoroastrian event after it had occurred. I would have gone to the event had I head about it, but no one told me about it, and there is no central place on the web where I could find out about the event. Now there is:

You can write me an email at providing me with the details of the event.
The more detail you provide, the more chances of people coming to your event.

What is the name of the event.
What is the day, date and time of your event.  How long will the event last.
Who is it open to? All Parsi Zoroastrians? or Parsi Zoroastrians of a certain age.
Is there a cost to attend the event
Do you have a web link with additional details.
Contact information for event organizers.

PLEASE ADD ” PARSI EVENT” IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF THE EMAIL, OTHERWISE YOUR EMAIL MAY NEVER REACH ME. I will post your event on this web site, which is now being read by thousands of Parsi Zoroastrians world wide.


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