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Below (the one in RED ) I append some latest links to  raves  by  top British Newspapers & Journals about this up and coming young Zarathushti’s performance  a few days ago at a big concert in London with the  London Sinfonieta Orchestra.  I had written to you about his  performances in Australia a month ago also.

Here is one of our ‘tribe’, a rising star in the musical firmament, that deserves a big applause in your Journals, Web sites and by Zoroastrians World-wide..

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The pianists Rolf Hind and Zubin Kanga, and the Sinfonietta, together with the Royal Academy of Music Manson Ensemble, were all hugely impressive.

Say the Telegraph. of 19th Jan 2011

the two pianos, whose concertante function is as active as it is ambivalent, and to which Rolf Hind and Zubin Kanga brought an incisiveness of response as well as a variety of tonal shading that corresponded with that of the unusually demonstrative (for Furrer) yet translucent orchestration.

Reads the Classical Source of 19th Jan 2011

“Anchoring the whole were the two pianos of Rolf Hind and Zubin Kanga, relentless both, who, even when submerged by the teeming overtone grids, could be felt to playfully and authoritatively sound the disorderly pulse that gave the music its heart.”
Reads the Musical Critism awarding  four and a  half * (stars out of 5 ) on 20th January


“The two pianos, played by Rolf Hind and Zubin Kanga, act like a kind of mad dual metronome, shaping rhythyms that disintegrate, reintegrate and re-surface like undercurrents propelling the piece forward”   Say the BACHTRACK


Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 17:50:07 +1100

Zubin just gave a very major concert in London with the London Sinfonieta Orchestra. Marlene had actually gone to hear it as it was a very big event at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in the South Bank of London. I have attached several reviews below that were received. Our cousin Rustom (of England) attended too and mentioned nostalgically that his Dad (Homi) had grown up giving many concerts there over the years.









25th Dec 2010

Dear Friends,


Here is an Australian magazine  report on a Zoroastrian Zubin Kanga , Nephew of a  friend of  mine who  won the  2010 LIMELIGHT Best New Comer Award for his performance “ Piano Inside/Out”  at the Sydney Conservatorium in  July 2010. This was announced at an award ceremony at the Sydney Opera House a fortnight ago (9th Dec).

An article will appear in Limelight Magazine, Jan 2011

Zubin’s next performance is “Atmospheres” with Halcyon and austraLYSIS  at the Music Workshop, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Wed 15th Dec at 7.30pm. Tickets Adults $30/Concession$20, available at the door. Zubin will be performing in the first item only.


My thanks  go out  to those of  you who voted for him some 4  or 5 months ago in response of my email then. Thank you.


Rusi  25 Dec 2010


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